Galaxy S7 To Include Micro SD And Abandon Flatscreens

Galaxy S7 To Include Micro SD And Abandon Flatscreens
Image Source: Samsung

The latest details about the Samsung Galaxy S7 suggests that the Korean corporation could include micro SD slots. This would enable consumers of the flagship smartphone to upgrade the memory of the device. This would be extremely welcome considering that the micro SD slot has been eliminated from Galaxy smartphones since the Galaxy S5, but could be considered a necessity depending on the other specifications of the smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Memory issues

It is notable that the Galaxy S6 was only armed with 64GB storage, and evidently Samsung is attempting to improve the situation. This could be particularly valuable for the next generation handset if Samsung decides to include 4K resolution with the device, something that has been linked with the Galaxy range for quite some time. Sony has recently released the world’s 4K mobile, and the Korean corporation is expected to follow suit sooner rather than later.

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Should Samsung decide to go 4K with the Galaxy S7, this would necessitate the sort of media that eats up storage space. This would mean that the inclusion of a micro SD slot was logical for Samsung, enabling the corporation to produce a Galaxy S7 which truly met the needs of consumers. It is also important to note that Apple has imbued the iPhone range with the capability to store 128GB of information in recent releases, so Samsung also must respond to the market-leading company.

Another interesting aspect of the Galaxy S7 that is emerging is the expected release date of the smartphone. It looks increasingly unlikely that Samsung is preparing this for February 21, ahead of the Mobile World Congress. This would mean that the trade show in Barcelona would correlate with the actual release of the device, whereas in previous years it has been the venue for new unveilings of the Galaxy S device.

There are a lot of murmurings also doing the rounds that Samsung is preparing to release three Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship mobiles simultaneously. This will be done in an attempt to eat into Apple’s market lead, with Samsung effectively simplifying its mobile range, and producing a flagship smartphone that can challenge the iconic iPhone. However, not all analysts agree with this prediction, some believe that Samsung is about to really double down on its curved screen technology.

Samsung has enjoyed some relatively lean times over the last couple of years, with sales in both 2014 and 2015 disappointing for the consumer electronics giant. Profits and market share have both declined considerably, with even the critically well received Galaxy S6 selling in slightly disappointing numbers compared to previous iterations of the series. Apple continues to dominate the mobile marketplace, and the Korean Timese even suggested that Samsung will be looking to reduce its workforce before the end of the year to cut costs.

“Samsung’s top priority is to save costs. Average workers with mediocre performance are being advised to leave the company with a sizable compensation,” it was reported in the Korean newspaper.

Flatscreen to go?

So the Galaxy S7 has a great deal of importance to Samsung. This really needs to be a massive success for the corporation after the below-par performance of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. it is expected in line with this the Korean corporation will significantly recalibrate the overall design of the Galaxy S series when the Galaxy S7 is released, with a much greater emphasis being placed on the curved edge technology that has become particularly popular for corporation.

When the Galaxy S6 was launched, both flatscreen and curved screen variants were available, but it is now being suggested that the curved screen could be standard in the Galaxy S7, with Samsung eliminating the regular display completely. This would be a bold move from the consumer electronics giant, even when one takes into consideration that Samsung has become increasingly associated with curved screen technology.

There is no doubt that its range of curved screen television sites have become hugely popular, selling extremely well for the company. Samsung has been the world’s largest manufacturer and retailer of TV sets since 2008, and although its performance in the mobile marketplace has been slightly disappointing, sales of its high-end televisions have very much cemented its dominant position in the marketplace.

It seems that Samsung is planning to trade on this cachet and carve out a similar niche for itself in the mobile marketplace in an attempt to seriously challenge Apple. This would mean that the Galaxy S7 will be available in 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch models when it goes on sale, both of which will be curved in nature.

Galaxy Note question marks

This latest information about the flagship smartphone suggests that there will not be a third variant of the handset after all, and that Samsung will eliminate flatscreen models from the Galaxy S range completely. Whether this would later apply to the Galaxy Note phablet remains to be seen; this could possibly be dependent upon the success of the Galaxy S7 strategy.

There are also suggestions in the media at present that Samsung could consider a flexible and foldable OLED screen in the Galaxy S7. Time could be against the corporation with incorporating this innovation, but it is well known that the technology has been available for some time. It was years ago that Samsung appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with numerous flexible OLED smartphone prototypes. It was promised that this would be available in a retail device once the technology was affordable, and the latest reports suggest that this could be the case in 2016.

Samsung has quite openly stated that it has been working on flexible display panel technology, and if it is possible to include this in the Galaxy S7 it would certainly make the smartphone stand out from previous releases, not to mention competitors. As Apple continues to dominate the marketplace with the iPhone, Samsung needs to produce something conspicuous and outstanding when the Galaxy S7 is released, and a flexible, affordable display could be exactly the sort of innovation to make it stand out from the crowd.

It looks as if we will not have too long to wait to find out, with most analysts believing that the Galaxy S7 is under three months away.

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  1. Gota agree with you, some clowns want to stay the same so there is a stop point. The i phone 6s has a 750p screen and is useless to be viewed in a vr application. Samsung and lg and sony are pushing the screen wars for the v r brigade, thank goodness for the real innovators in the business or we would all be stuck using 750p plain lcd screens like the iphone, which its screen tech dates back to 2011.

  2. When the S6 first launched with lollipop 5.0 it had horrible battery performance largely because of poor RAM management and default settings. Those have been fixed in Android 5.1.1. It now gets similar life to an S5, but also has fast charging and wireless charging.

  3. Yes. They do. SanDisk, PNY, Samsung, Transcend all fail. By and large they are very stable and last a long time, but they ALL fail.

    I work as a manufactures rep for Samsung. When I’m in retail spaces like Best Buy, Target, Verizon, Sprint, etc., I deal with people on a regular basis whose sd cards have failed. It’s not common, but it’s frequent enough that I back up everything that is saved on an sd card. Personally I’ve had a PNY card and a SanDisk fail for me. Never had a Samsung die, but I’m not risking my pictures and data without backing up my info.

    The extra downside of the sd card is that it’s much, much slower than the onboard memory so it dramatically effects the performance of the device is installed in.

    The old eMMC 5 memory found in phones like the iPhone and previous generations of Samsung phones is about 10 TIMES faster than the sd card storage. The new UFS 2 memory is 80 to 100 TIMES faster than a high speed SD card.

  4. Bro, my gf had an S6….the battery drained in front of our eyes, she had to plug the damn phone everytime she had a chance. It was beautiful, its camera was beast and display was best in class but the battery was a nightmare. Under the same use, her s5 would survive the day.


    “No matter how many times you bring it back to life, your battery will die someday, or at least degrade into a shadow of its former self. That’s unavoidable. Most lithium-ion batteries have a rated lifetime of somewhere between 500 and 1,500 charge cycles.

    One cycle is just one bout of discharging, but how much energy you discharge in one go—a measure referred to as depth of discharge (DoD)—matters bigtime. Lithium-ions really hate a deep depth of discharge. According to Battery University, a staggeringly exhaustive resource on the topic, a li-ion that goes through 100 percent DoD (the user runs it down all the way to zero before recharging) can degrade to 70 percent of its original capacity in 300-500 cycles. With a DoD of 25 percent, where the user plugs it in as soon as it gets to 75 percent remain, that same battery could be charged up to 2,500 times before it starts to seriously degrade.”

  6. Google Photos can be set to automatically remove backed up photos continually freeing up space. The base storage on my Note 4 is 32 gigs. I don’t use an SD card because it compromises the speed of the phone. I use it for work and personal use and regularly have more than 10 gigs free. That’s more than enough space for thousands of photos and tons of video. You don’t back up the pictures in real time. You set it up to do it when on WiFi like overnight.

  7. No they don’t. At least not an average good quality sd card. The cheap ones might fail, but I wouldn’t know about that. The good quality sd cards almost never fail. I am a photographer and I’ve NEVER had an sd card fail. John H, how many sd cards have you had to fail? What brand were they?

  8. Do you have a reference that you can link for your claim that the average smart phone battery will go about 700 charging cycles and retain 80% of its original capacity? You are way off on the 80% part. After 700 charging cycles the average battery will be ready to be replaced.

  9. That’s just the very thing: i don’t want to hassle with or take the time to remove and back up the photos. That’s not something that you can do when you are at a concert or other event, or traveling overseas or anywhere here in the USA where there is no signal. Last year I went to DragonCon in downtown Atlanta. While there was a signal there, with twenty thousand people in the space of 3 city blocks all using their phones in one way or another, the signal was so slow that you wouldn’t be able to backup and remove a dozen pictures in an hour.

  10. Huge fan of the new Google photos app. Unlimited high res storage so you can move pics and video off of your phone and securely store them off of your phone.

    And SD cards fail ALL the time. And if they fail then all of your stuff is gone. Forever. Also what happens if you lose your phone or it is stolen? I back mine up to Google Photos and keep a copy on a local storage device.

  11. Yes because just Everyone travels overseas… 99% of people have WiFi access on a regular basis to accessto cloud stored photos without using their data. You don’t design phones (or anything) for 100% of the people.
    And what does taking a bunch of photos and video have to do with cloud storage? If you’re backing up and removing the pictures from your phone then you have plenty of room for new media.

  12. Gorilla glass 4 front and back. Aircraft grade aluminum. That’s as tough as it gets. They don’t make a tempered glass screen protector for the edge, but the zagg hdx is pretty good. Not sure where you found a tempered glass screen protector. Most likely it a plastic one.

    But I’ve been using my Note 4 (Gorilla Glass 4) with no scree protector for over a year now. No screen protector and in my pocket. I’ve got micro scratches that you have to catch the exact angle to see. The best thing is to get a good case like Tech21 or Otterbox Commuter that are low profile and protect the screen from impact damage.

  13. The average smart phone battery will go about 700 charging cycles and retain 80% of its original capacity. The batteries in the S6 series go well over 2,000 cycles. That’s 2 complete charging cycles every day for almost 4 years. My S6 needs a top off late in the day if I’ve been hammering it hard. It definitely doesn’t need two full charges. The original battery issues with lollipop have been largely fixed. You’re reading too much hype.

  14. I hope they bring back the sd card. We also need replaceable batteries and ip-67 water resistance. If the S7 has an sd card i;ll probably buy it. I’d then put it in a protective case , so it might as well have a removable plastic back for all I care. Don’t they get that? They took away the main things that made them different from the iPhone! :( I hope they get it right this time. I loved my galaxy S3 until I got caught in a rainstorm and got water damage. I currently am very happy with my galaxy S5 but it’s a shame that I can’t get a new galaxy phone now because of the poor S6 . I hope Samsung is listening? If they want to stay in business they had better be!

  15. i will not buy a phone without a microsd card slot. i was hesitant when i got an LG G2. It’s a nice phone, but it died last week. as did all the files i had on it. Thankfully the G3 has a slot, so less worries!

  16. You are absolutely right about the S5. I am going to a concert next month and very happy that I have a sd card and a spare battery to take with me for lots of photos and video recording! It’s handy when I go overseas where there isn’t a data connection as well. Also, I’d rather store my photos myself instead of being where google can see and possibly use them, as well as who knows else.

  17. That’s not practical to “just use google photos” if you travel like I do overseas. Or even at a concert where you’re taking lots of photos and video in a short space of time. People (like you) seem to think that everyone has the same needs as themselves and that is simply not the case.

  18. I want my photos stored on my device not on a server that requires a data connection. Keep the SD card! Data connections can’t be guaranteed all the time and SD cards are more reliable.

  19. I don’t use 4k, 4k is overkill and the s6 proved how horrid the battery can be on tiny bodies. I can only imagine how performance and battery will go down with full pledged 4k panel..NO

  20. Dude, that phone is so bad at battery, you always need to recharge it….the battery on that device will be shot in less time than you think

  21. I am very happy about returning the sd card but force curved display……no! I don’t buy galaxy s devices but this worries me as notes echo whatever goes on with galaxy s releases, I pray they don’t force curved display on the notes, otherwise I’ll wait for the note 7 at this point haha

  22. An SD card slot is not needed. Just use google photos which you can just delete device copies when your phone storage gets low. Also note that google’s compression on photos is amazing! I have compared photos taken from my DSLR before and after compression and I hardly notice a difference. If you you plan on doing photo editing on some raw photos then just upload them to google drive from your phone or computer and your good to go. On another note having a screen that doesn’t have straight lines drives me nuts! Samsung has totally changes the way android should look and feel. The whole OS is filled with stuff that just slows your phone down and provides no advantages. I had 2 samsung galaxy phones and now that I have a nexus phone I’ll never go back!!

  23. SD card is not needed…use google photos and you dont need to keep your photos in the phone. removable battery? lots of power bank that can charge your 3x to 4x. SD card can go bad… it happen to me and i loss lots of pictures…so now i use googles photos and its free unlimited too

  24. Samsung needs to fix their default messenger issue. Once you get a text and open the messenger, you don’t a tone alert from that contact unless you close the app or put the phone in sleep mode. No other brand of phone does this.

  25. I hate curved screen phones, right now they are gimmicky, distracting, and aren’t even really stylish with a case on. I own a normal Galaxy S6 and flat screens is just so much nicer because it looks right, no reflecting glass on the sides. So if Samsung decides to go fully curved, their gonna lose a customer in me.

  26. That’s why Samsung S6 batteries get about 3 times more charging cycles than other batteries. You could be 3 plus years in two-a-day complete charges and still retain 80% of its original capacity.

  27. Exactly! The 4k display and the VR will be sick! Can wait. The QHD display is awesome as it stands. .. 4k and VR will make the VR experience complete

  28. It may be great. But for the other 99.7% of the population that won’t be using VR, 4k is overkill on a 6″ screen. Most people would choose 1080p and a couple extra hours of battery life of 4k at this point.

  29. Samsung 5 was the last phone Samsung got right. I’m on my 2nd one now and have a new 3rd one if needed. This is the perfect phone, sd card, removable battery and it’s some degree of water proof. Mine has been under water to many times to count and just keeps working. The S6 is junk IMO and opinions vary. Samsung did a real good brainwashing job with the S6 telling people a smaller non replacable battery was better and no added memory or sd card was the way to go. Oh and not even water resistance . I hope Samsung get the S7 right but I just have little faith they will. They are hell bent on making Iphone clone that no one wants to buy. If I wanted an Iphone I would have bought one.

  30. The sales have declined because the S5 wasn’t a big enough improvement over the S4 to get many to upgrade and then the S6 doesn’t have the removable battery or memory card slot. I might consider up grading from my s4 to an s7 if they add the memory card but I could basically guarantee the up grade if the add the memory card and removable battery.

  31. Samsung have really got to Offer Stronger Glass on the Galaxy S7,as the S6 models screens & backs are not strong at All,as there are loads of S6 models on Ebay or other sites with Broken Glasses on there phones,thats Why?after i bought the Samsung S6 Edge Plus i always make sure the Front as a tempered glass screen protector on the Front and Clip-On Case to Protect the back,this just shows that Samsung have not really thought about using Glass on there phones,as consumers do not want to spend to much on a phone that Breaks so Easily,Just wished Samsung would have stuck with Leather backs like the offered on the Note 4

  32. 4K on a phone is a useless feature, your eyes cannot perceive the resolution on a screen that small. The only reason it’s added is because laypeople only care about useless specs. Real techs know that Apple iOS is the most efficient phone OS, it doesn’t need a 4Ghz Octa-core CPU with 8GB of RAM to run well. Apple’s advantage is that it has complete control over it’s hardware and software.

  33. It can be argued that Samsung have already out-Appleed Apple, but it can be also said neither of the company’s have outed each other, both are very different smart phones and cannot compete with each other.

  34. The S6 didn’t only have 64gb you cooked cunt. And 4K resolution doesn’t necessarily mean it will take up more storage, that is completely false.

  35. Samsung still don’t get it. I don’t care about glass and metal when my phone is in a protective case. I do care that that after 18 months, my battery will be shot and can’t be easily replaced. Samsung will never out-Apple Apple. Poor leadership.

  36. I kinda wish that There were only three variants of the S model: regular, edge and a smaller version. As far as the Note, a regular and edge version. the hardware specs of each device should be identical. MicroSD should be mandatory with rising costs of mobile data and rising paranoia of connecting to WiFi’s, as you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into when you connect to an unknown WiFi. All devices should be unlockable, locked by default. That is, an end-user should be able to change their device from Retail to Developer Edition if they should choose to do so.

  37. There’s seriously NO NEED for 4k resolutions on a screen any smaller than ~60 inches. I know I don’t have the best eyes in the world, but my eyes are, at the very least, average and I have a hard time distinguishing between a 5.7″ 1080p display and a 5.7″ 1440p display. What would really make me happy would be to see the GPU that is needed to drive the 4k panel put on a 1440p panel, improved panel efficiency and better brightness control.

  38. Why is it that when you speak of Samsung people bring up Apple in their articles. Stop there is no need to bring up apple, especially seeing that Samsung has 128GB phones. If you’re writing about Samsung write about Samsung, leave the apple crap out of the article.

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