Are You Also Facing This Issue With Mail Notifications In iOS 12?

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Apple’s iOS 12 has been well-received by users. However, like with every new release, users are facing issues after upgrading to the new version of the OS. Some of the issues are normal and will go away over time, while others need to be patched. Now one more issue in need of a fix has to come to light. Many users are complaining about the mail subfolder push notifications not working.

Mail subfolder push notifications not working

Based on the many complaints, the issue appears to be with the native Mail app. After users upgraded to iOS 12, they stopped receiving notifications for emails arriving in subfolders. However, users are getting notifications for emails coming into the inbox.

“Unfortunately I am not getting any notification whatsoever for any of my sub folders. If I manually go into those folders my mail is there but I never get notified of it’s arrival,” one user complained on Reddit.

Many users have also complained on Apple’s forums and other social platforms about the mail subfolder push notifications not working. The fact that so many users are complaining confirms that the issue with the mail subfolder push notifications not working is indeed real.

The problem with the mail subfolder push notifications not working is a major issue for those who rely on push notifications for their emails. Apple seems to be aware of the issue. Many users affected by the issue say that they have contacted Apple Support over the issue. One user even said the support team promised a fix for the issue in a future release.

This should help

It is not known which future release will bring a fix for the problem. One user noted that the problem is in the iOS 12.1 beta as well. There are no surefire workarounds either. Even deleting and adding the mailbox back in is not helping. However, some of the threads did suggest a few temporary fixes that worked for them.

The first workaround involves going to the Mail app and clicking “Edit” in the top-right corner. Then select “Add Mailbox.” Next, select all the subfolders you want to receive push notifications for, and tap “Done.” Then go to the Settings app, select “Mail” and then “Notifications,” where you will see an option saying “Favorite Mailboxes.” Open Favorite Mailboxes and choose the mailboxes you want to receive notifications for. Now you should get notifications for the chosen subfolders.

Another workaround ensures that you don’t miss any mail from an important contact. To do this, you will have to add that contact in the VIP list in the Mail app. Such a list has a separate notification, so emails from the contacts in that list will show as notifications.

To add a contact in the VIP list, open the mail app and select “Mailboxes” in the upper right-hand corner. Next, select the “VIP Inbox,” which is below the regular inbox, and then click “Add VIP.” Choose the contact you wish to add as a VIP and click “Done.” The contact will now show in the VIP list.

Another workaround some have talked about is changing the rules to copy emails to subfolders. Here, you can tweak the settings by unchecking the rule that “moves” your emails to a subfolder. You will need to create a new rule to “copy” the email to the subfolder. Such a rule will lead to duplicated emails, but you would at least get notifications for them.

What’s been fixed in iOS 12.0.1?

Meanwhile, Apple has rolled out the iOS 12.0.1 software update. The update includes bug fixes mainly for the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Apple has fixed the “ChargeGate” issue, which prevented some iPhone XS devices from charging properly when connected to a Lightning cable. Because of this issue, users had to manually wake up the screen so the phone would keep charging.

iOS 12.0.1 also patches the Wi-Fi and keyboard issues. The Wi-Fi problem forced the iPhone XS to connect at 2.4GHz (single-band) instead of 5GHz (dual-band). Apple also restored the original position of the “.?123” key on the iPad keyboard with the latest iOS update. The  issue which caused subtitles to be missing in some of video apps is also now fixed. Apple has also fixed the issue which caused Bluetooth to show unavailable for some.

There is no word on the LTE connectivity issues we’ve been hearing about. The issue with the earpiece speaker reported by some users also remains unaddressed.

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