How To Fix The “iOS 12 Cellular Data Update Failed” Issue

How To Fix The “iOS 12 Cellular Data Update Failed” Issue
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Like with every major OS release, iOS 12 is not error-free. Despite all the developer and public betas, users have reported issues both before and after installing iOS 12. One reported issue is that the iOS 12 Cellular Data update has failed. Like with most of the other issues, the “iOS 12 cellular data update failed” issue can also be easily fixed.

How to fix the “iOS 12 cellular data update failed” issue

For most of the other common iOS 12 issues, like problems with the Wi-Fi, a simple reset of the device’s network settings does the job. However, resetting the network settings is not addressing the “iOS 12 cellular data update failed” issue for most users. Thankfully some users who have dealt with the issue have shared details on the process that helped them in fixing the problem.

Before you start that process, it’s a good idea to try to fix the issue by turning cellular data off and then back on. This trick has helped a few users. Another simple trick which has helped some users is turning Airplane mode on and then off (Control Center > Enable Airplane mode> Turn it on after 30 seconds). You must also check if any carrier update is available or even call the support team for a remote update. Restarting your device might also help.

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If none of those simple tricks worked, then you have no other option but to try this more in-depth process to fix the “iOS 12 cellular data update failed” issue.

The first step to fix the problem is to remove the SIM card from the device and then power down the handset. Once the device has been powered down, reinsert the SIM, and then power the device back up. Following this process has helped many users fix the “iOS 12 cellular data update failed” issue. Hopefully it will help you as well.

Here’s why the iOS 12 cellular data update failed

Different carriers use different technologies to transfer voice and data over their networks, so it is possible that the technology used by your carrier’s network is causing the cellular data issue. You may also face issues with the cellular data connection if your device is not properly configured.

The cellular data connection may cause problems if you are in an area with no coverage. Other reasons for the cellular data issue could be faulty updates or outdated software on your iPhone. Thus, before you try to fix the issue, it is recommended that you check that the device shows proper cellular coverage. To check cellular coverage, go to Settings and then tap on Cellular to make sure it’s on. You must also check the roaming settings to make sure they’re on (Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Data Roaming).

Other common issues with iOS 12

In addition to the “iOS 12 cellular data update failed” issue, iPhone users are also facing many other issues. Though many of the problems are new, a few have carried over from the iOS 11 update. Some of the early problems include installation issues like iTunes errors and long download times. These issues are expected to go away once the pressure on Apple’s servers declines, so if you are facing such issues, it is advised to wait a few hours and then try again.

While those issues occur before the installation process starts, some users are also reporting that the download is getting stuck in their devices. If you are facing this same issue, try a hard reset on your device. This trick has worked for most users.

Other reported issues occur after the installation is complete. The most common issues are with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as users are facing trouble connecting to routers and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

A few other reported issues include user interface lag, app crashes, AirPlay problems, lockups, freezes, landscape problems, issues with Siri, GPS problems, 3D Touch problems, and issues updating apps on the App Store. App-related issues will hopefully be resolved at some point as developers are working hard to optimize their apps to support iOS 12.

Apple’s discussion forums, Reddit, and other social media sites are filled with complaints about iOS 12. We expect the list of issues and the number of users facing them to grow for the next few days until most users have updated to iOS 12.

If you are also planning to update to iOS 12, it is recommend that you go through these social forums to get an idea about the issues that you may face.

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  1. Hi, I have the same issue. How (step-by-step) did you solve the problem at connecting phone with PC… I have updated iOS over the cloud to the latest version. Should i restore it with iTunes on PC? Or what did you do?

  2. I have an i7. Did the update to ver 12. As usual after any Apple update. The POS phone will not work. Called Verizon. They said it was Apples fault. Version 12 update is killing the phones modem so you get a cellular network failure message..
    First off. Don’t ever do an update from Apple. They SUCK! Worst software company ever. Unfortunately mine is a company phone. Otherwise I would say the solution to an Apple phone is to throw it through their store picture window! F APPLE THEY SUCK!!!!!

  3. I believe the problem w my iPhone was that the carrier, Sprint in my case, needed the OS update before it would connect. Probably it just needed updated carrier settings, but in any case Sprint wouldn’t connect and going to Settings>Carrier wasn’t even available. The OS update on the other hand wouldn’t work without a carrier- so, it was a catch 22 situation. Removing the sim chip and rebooting didn’t work. Resetting network settings also failed. The fix in the end was to simply bypass the untethered iOS update and cable into my PC w iTunes. The update went perfectly and the phone immediately connected to Sprint after the initial reboot.

  4. Wow, this is the only thing has worked so far and has for over 30 mins without getting cellular data fail BS…hope this is a perm fix! Thanks dude!!

  5. I figured out an alternative if this doesn’t work. 1. Take your SIM card out
    2. Power your phone down
    3. Return sim tray and card to their place.
    4. Power phone on but before the *update* can fail turn on airplane mode for 45 seconds.
    5. Turn airplane mode off.
    This worked for my phone but I was just messing around with it. It seemed almost as though it was being shut off remotely. Good luck

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