Entrepreneur Turned Comedian Dishes 3 Top Tips For Career-Switching During COVID

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Maya just left a six-figure job to follow her passion for comedy full-time during the pandemic.  

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Maya May was previously a career entrepreneur and channel partner with over a decade of experience in project management as well as product and operations development. Ms. May is no stranger to adversity, and she knows the value of going against the current and doubling down on your dreams.  While the story nationally has been focused on the negative impact the pandemic is having on the comedy scene, Maya is performing a virtual comedy tour from her living room.  A fixture at comedy festivals and college campuses across the country, she is well acquainted with the challenges faced by young people and recent graduates in today’s job market.

Tips For Career Switching

Necessity is the mother of invention, and Maya is an advocate of positive thinking and the ability to adapt in times of crisis.  She has three top tips for career switching that need to be considered by those looking to jump ship from their current job, or for those who want to pursue deeply held lifelong interests:

  • Assess the situation:  It’s important to take stock psychologically.  What do you really want? Is it just a job change, or are you going for something specific?  You need to be clear on what you are really looking to get out of your career change.
  • Take account of the environment: The world is changing drastically in response to the pandemic.  There are two aspects to consider, one being what won’t be possible (such as traveling to a country that won’t let you in) and the other being the positive aspect--there is a completely new range of possibilities to consider as every industry adapts to the new normal.
  • Map out a strategy: Don’t just quit tomorrow.  You need to plan out resources and be timely with job transitions to keep yourself from being in a jam.  Set practical goals that can be met step by step instead of unrealistic pursuits.