The Next 1000x Crypto Coins in 2024 – Top 7 Picks

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With thousands of projects spanning the full range of utility and use cases, the modern crypto market can be tricky to navigate, especially when trying to find the next crypto gem.

In this article, we will review our selection of the next coins that could become the next 1000x crypto in 2024.

Our selections for the next 1000x crypto gems in 2024

  1. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE): New $DOGE-inspired meme coin that is cross-compatible across six popular blockchain networks and raised over $11 million in presale.
  2. Mega Dice Token (DICE): An established online crypto casino with over 50,000 players, aiming to become Solana’s number 1 GameFi project.
  3. 99Bitcoins (99BTC): Pioneering the learn-to-earn model with its native ERC20 token, $99BTC.
  4. 5th Scape (5SCAPE): Immersive entertainment realm with a suite of VR games and hyperrealistic environments.
  5. Sponge (SPONGE): The 100x meme coin of 2023. $SPONGE adds staking on Polygon and is developing a play-to-earn racing game.
  6. Smog (SMOG): Fair launched on the Solana network and saw immense price growth of 20x in just one month.
  7. eTukTuk (TUK): Sustainable transport initiative that promotes eco-friendly, electric Tuk-Tuks and a network of power charging stations.

A closer look at the best potential crypto gems in 2024

Read on to further explore our top picks for the best potential crypto gems in 2024.

1. Dogeverse – New meme coin with compatibility across six blockchains

Dogeverse is a crypto meme coin that has raised over $11 million in less than a month during its presale phase. The project’s native ERC20 token, $DOGEVERSE, has cross-chain compatibility features with six widely used blockchain networks, making it the first ever multi-chain, dog-themed cryptocurrency.

$DOGEVERSE utilizes wormhole bridging technology, enabling it to be interoperable across BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalance, and Base networks.

Dogeverse tokenomics | Source: ValueWalk

By staking $DOGEVERSE, you can qualify for over 80% token staking rewards. Moreover, the project has announced CEX listings in phase 5 of its roadmap, a clear hint that a mainstream top-tier exchange such as Coinbase or OKX could be on the horizon.

The price of $DOGEVERSE has gradually increased as the presale rounds have progressed. The presale is ongoing, and you can buy $DOGEVERSE by swapping either $ETH, $USDT, $BNB, $MATIC, $SOL, $BASE, or $AVAX.


  • Piggyback on the Dogecoin hype
  • Being multi-chain opens door to other crypto communities
  • Cost-efficient token bridging


  • Anonymous founders
  • Some networks can be congested, causing bridging time issues

2. Mega Dice Token – GameFi on Solana with $DICE token providing daily rewards to holders based on casino performance

Mega Dice Token is a new iGaming crypto project that aims to be the number-one GameFi token on the Solana network.

Mega Dice is an established online iGaming platform that provides access to over 4000 wager-based games. It boasts over 50,000 players and 10,000 active monthly users.

Mega Dice Token features | Source: Mega Dice Token

The project’s native token, $DICE, provides a great deal of utility, seamlessly integrating into the Mega Dice Casino ecosystem offering exclusive access, rewards, holder benefits, and perks. Moreover, token holders that stake $DICE qualify for daily rewards based on the casino performance.

Our team speculates that based on the success of other projects targeting a similar niche, Mega Dice could become one of the best Solana casinos.

The presale is ongoing and has raised over $500,000 since launch. The token price is still relatively low and will increase as the presale enters its future phases. Mega Dice Token could likely rank as one of the best penny cryptos in presale with 100x potential, as the project is still in its early price stage.

The project also offers early bird bonuses, with the opportunity to receive more $DICE rewards for early participation. Visit the official website to learn more about the project and join the social community.


  • Early bird participation bonuses
  • Wide range of token utility
  • Referral program with 25% rev-share


  • Solana network congestion
  • Anonymous founders

3. 99Bitcoins – Learn-to-earn protocol with rewards for completing mini-courses and crypto quizzes

99Bitcoins is a new crypto project that integrates its established crypto education and news platform with web3. The 99Bitcoins platform was launched in 2010, providing crypto education and mini-courses to onboard users to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and DeFi protocols.

The platform gamifies the learning experience by introducing a learn-to-earn model, where members can earn $99BTC token rewards for learning about cryptocurrencies.

99Bitcoins tokenomics | Source: 99Bitcoins

Since its inception, 99Bitcoins has created an established and trusted community, with over two million users registered for courses and over 700,000 YouTube subscribers.

Moreover, the platform aims to bridge over to the BRC20 network, which was launched as an experimental network to bring the power of smart contracts to the Bitcoin network. Being launched on an up-and-coming blockchain, $99BTC could be the next BRC20 crypto gem to follow the same positive trajectory as $ORDI and $SATS.

The presale has raised over $800,000 but is still in its early stages and available for fractions of a penny. Should the rollout of its integration be successful, $99BTC could establish itself as one of the best penny cryptos to get in on early during the presale.

Find out more by visiting the 99Bitcoins website and exploring the professional, smart contract audit provided by SOLIDProof.

4. 5th Scape – Immersive entertainment realm with VR gaming in “hyper-realistic” environments

5th Scape bridges the realms of virtual reality and GameFi, introducing a VR Gaming platform that integrates web3 and cryptocurrency within its architecture.

At the center of its ecosystem is $5SCAPE, an Ethereum network token that provides a range of utilities. 5th Scape has the right model to become the next crypto gem in the GameFi category of cryptocurrency projects.

A screenshot from the 5th Scape homepage
5Scape project overview | Source: 5Scape

Holders of $5SCAPE will obtain free lifetime access to the gaming ecosystem, premium content, voting rights, and staking rewards. Players will also be able to earn $5SCAPE rewards for gameplay time, milestone achievement, completing objectives, and bonus missions.

5th Scape has ambitious plans to develop its own proprietary hardware to heighten the gaming experience, including the SwiftScape VR Chair and VR Ultra Headset. However, upon launch, the platform is to be used with the Meta Quest range of VR headsets.

The project has surpassed the fifth presale stage, having raised over $5 million. In the ongoing presale, you can purchase 5th Scape tokens by swapping $ETH, $MATIC, $USDT, or $BNB. You can also opt for the card payment option, but in any case, you will need an ERC20-compatible crypto wallet to claim tokens when the presale ends.


  • VR and gaming narrative project
  • Heightened interest raising $5 million
  • Play-to-earn mechanics


  • No beta version of platform
  • No development timeline

5. Sponge – The 100x meme coin of 2023 is back with Polygon staking and a P2E racer game in the works

Sponge is a crypto meme coin launched in 2023 on the Ethereum chain. The token exploded in price, reaching a 100x increase and becoming one of the best meme coins of the year.

After the success of the original SPONGEV1, plans for launching V2 were initiated.

During the second half of 2023, the project announced that it would initiate a token bridge to the Polygon network, introducing gas-efficient staking, which currently offers over 340% rewards.

Sponge has also announced the development of the Sponge Racer play-to-earn game, which will integrate the token further into the ecosystem and give it extra utility. There will be both free and paid versions of the game, allowing anyone to play, with the premium version providing access to $SPONGE rewards.

Although past performance can never indicate future success, Sponge’s 100x highs of 2023 are a good omen for V2’s future. If the developers can fully capitalize on the success of the new play-to-earn game, Sponge V2 could potentially surpass its previous highs.

You can buy $SPONGE on the official website by swapping $ETH, $USDT, or $MATIC, with a card payment with KYC option available.


  • Over 50K holders
  • Previous 100x meme coin
  • Over 300% staking rewards


  • Past performance is not necessarily a good indicator
  • Anonymous founders

6. Smog – Fair launch token with “greatest Solana airdrop of all time”

Smog debuted its token using the fair launch model in the early part of 2024. Prior to the Solana meme coin frenzy in March 2024, the token became available on the Jupiter DEX in February 2024.

Smog immediately gained attention from the Solana meme coin community as it claimed to be offering the “greatest Solana airdrop of all time”.

Upon launch, $SMOG earned a 400% price increase, followed by a slow descent towards the $0.05 range. During the Solana meme coin frenzy, the token price saw explosive growth, rallying to its all-time high of $0.38.

A screenshot of the smog presale page
Smog’s buy page | Source: Smog

Some analysts are forecasting that if a Solana meme rally is reactivated, then $SMOG could surpass its previous all-time high and reach over 100x gains.

With the Solana meme hype having recently died down and the price of $SOL decreasing as a result, our analysts believe that now could be an opportune moment to buy $SMOG at a discounted price.


  • Qualify for airdrop rewards
  • Solana meme coins are still popular
  • Established community


  • Solana network congestion issues
  • Anonymous founders

7. eTukTuk – Crypto-powered transport system designed to reduce air pollution

eTukTuk enters the crypto market with the aim of pioneering a sustainable transport initiative that will reduce carbon emissions and air pollution in developing nations. At the heart of this mission is the plan to introduce a fleet of all-electric tuk-tuks and a network of power charging stations.

eTukTuk aims to provide cost-efficient onboarding to electronic vehicles, incentivizing drivers in developing nations to join the mission. The project recently launched its mobile play-to-earn game, where drivers can earn $TUK tokens by completing passenger journeys.

Paired with its network of eTukTuks, the project aims to roll out a strategically located network of charging stations, providing electricity infrastructure to power the EV tuk-tuks.

eTukTuk poster on the side of a London bus
eTukTuk on London Buses | Source: eTukTuk via Medium

At the center of the ecosystem is the project’s native token, $TUK, which boasts a range of utilities. Drivers can earn $TUK in the crazy-taxi style drive-to-earn game while also using $TUK to pay for charging power for their vehicle.

The project also aims to have AI integration, with plans to develop smart city routing, which will help improve traffic flow and reduce road congestion.

Visit the official website to learn more about eTukTuk and explore the integration of $TUK tokens in the whitepaper.


  • Targeting sector which requires innovation7
  • Promotes a circular economic model
  • Play-to-earn mobile app released


  • No set timeline for EV vehicles
  • Corruption in developing nations can slow down progress

Next 1000x crypto comparison table

CryptocurrencyTickerLaunched inBlockchain
DogeverseDOGEVERSE2024Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Base
Mega Dice DICE2024Solana
99 Bitcoins99BTC2024Ethereum
5th Scape5SCAPE2023Ethereum

How to find the next crypto gem in 2024

A few methods that can assist you in finding the next crypto gem in 2024 are outlined below.

Keep an eye on new presales

Keeping an eye out for crypto presales is one of the best ways to find the next crypto gem. You can research on social media or use analytics platforms in order to find crypto coins early.

Assess the development team

Exploring a project’s core team and their credentials is another crucial way to assess whether the project has the potential to be successful. Many traditional C-suite executives have entered the blockchain industry, having branched out to create Web3 products or become advisors on crypto projects.

Assess the coin’s popularity

You can identify the next potential 1000x crypto by scouting social media and assessing the overall popularity of a token. Using data aggregation tools such as DexTools, you can examine the token holders, liquidity provisions, and amount of tokens staked, among other metrics, to assess whether the project is popular among the wider community.


Our research process includes consultation with several in-house cryptocurrency and investment experts who have more than a decade of combined experience. Our team created a shortlist, and we then analyzed each project, the online community sentiment, and the details about its presale and token metrics. This ensures multiple aspects of a project are scrutinized when determining its likelihood of the project being the next 1000x crypto in 2024.


Which crypto will skyrocket in 2024?

Our top picks for cryptos to potentially skyrocket are $DOGEVERSE, $DICE, and $TUK. Dogeverse brings unique interoperability, while Mega Dice Token integrates with an established iGaming crypto casino. Finally, eTukTuk recently launched the mobile app for the drive-to-earn game displaying project progression.

Which coin will pump 1000x?

Our team highlights that $DOGEVERSE has the potential to be the next 1000x crypto in 2024. Its cross-chain compatibility features make this Doge-inspired meme coin obtainable across six popular blockchain networks.

Where can I find the next crypto gem?

You can use DEXTools or DEXScreener to have in-depth metrics about decentralized low market cap tokens. Alternatively, try to find some popular airdrops or participate in crypto presales.