How to Find New Crypto Coins Early in 2024

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Finding new cryptocurrencies early, before attracting mainstream attention, is a skill in itself that requires dedicated research and a forward-looking understanding of the current market narratives.

There are several ways to achieve this, such as scouting social media trends, following influencer channels, and keeping up to date with the leading news outlets in the crypto space.

Individuals can also use blockchain analytics platforms, track whale wallets, and research newly released cryptocurrency tokens on price-tracking sites.

In this guide, we will discuss some helpful resources, methods, and tips on how to find new crypto coins early.

A quick overview of how to find new crypto projects

Before we go into further detail, here is a brief overview of some of the top methods for finding new crypto projects online.

  • Social media: An excellent resource for obtaining timely information and the latest market trends. X (Twitter) is one of the most widely used social media platforms where the crypto community can share insights, voice opinions, analyze crypto charts, and publish content.
  • Influencers: You can follow influencers on various platforms (such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok) to understand market activity, as many tend to share price prediction videos. Influencers are often sponsored by projects to promote tokens. However, they can potentially be the key to finding the newest high-return crypto to invest in.
  • Price tracking and data aggregators: These platforms will give a bird’s eye view of the markets and offer insights into each cryptocurrency. Think of these as the global price index boards for all crypto assets.
  • News outlets: News outlets publish daily market news and information about cryptocurrency, web3 technology, and the blockchain industry as a whole. They also frequently cover government and public sector involvement in the crypto markets.
  • Crypto forums: Crypto forums are a great way to get honest, non-biased community opinions. Users of crypto forums tend to lean more aggressively towards anti-centralization and can often be considered crypto purists.
  • Wallet tracking: Track whales, exchanges, and successful traders’ wallets by using wallet-tracking tools. Alternatively, manually identify whale wallets by searching on smart contract addresses for large token holders on block explorers.
  • Airdrop hunting: Complete specific social tasks, utilize a dApp or protocol on testnet, or conduct engagement activities that raise awareness about a project to qualify for their airdrops. Projects with ample funding will create community campaigns with incentivized rewards for being early participants and testers of their blockchain ecosystem.
  • Crypto alpha research: Paid crypto alpha research is likely one of the most reliable sources of information for finding the best future cryptocurrency market trends. Established alpha research outlets will have dedicated analysts or algorithms sifting through mass market data to develop rationale.

A closer look at how to find the best emerging cryptos

Now, we will examine the resources and methods mentioned above in more detail and identify some specific examples.

Social media and influencers

Social media has a pivotal role in the spread of information among the cryptocurrency community. Many crypto traders will be present on X (Twitter) and use YouTube as a primary resource to understand trending topics and tokens gaining attention from popular influencers.


CC2Ventures specializes in DeFi fundamentals, yield farming, wallet tracking, and airdrop hunting. The official X account shares insights into the best new DeFi tokens and protocols, sharing over 10k posts with 140,000+ followers. The trader behind CC2Ventures is also present on DeBank under the account LayerZeroMaxi. Our research found insights into the portfolio holdings and funding distribution. According to the DeBank page, the primary focus of CC2Ventures is airdrop farming, liquid staking, and lending protocols.

The official account on X recently shared a post of a $37,000 meme coin airdrop obtained through farming on Hyper Liquid.

Jacob Crypto Bury

A crypto analyst and YouTuber with over 37K subscribers who provides insights on new release cryptocurrency presales and coverage on a range of DeFi and meme coins. Bury also posts crypto price predictions and chart analysis on YouTube and Twitter.

Jacob Bury’s video style is friendly and informal; however, it is clear that his knowledge is extensive in web3 and crypto assets. You could potentially find some of the best active ICOs by keeping up to date with this channel.

Miles Deutscher

A crypto analyst who has amassed over 170K subscribers on YouTube. Miles Deutscher posts videos about Bitcoin, altcoins, DeFi, airdrops, and trading strategies. In recent videos, Miles has been making content that fits the trending narratives in the crypto markets. Thus, most of the latest videos are about the best AI cryptos, meme coins, and potential altcoins that could pump in the coming months.

Data aggregators

Price tracking and data aggregator platforms provide real-time historical price and market data on cryptocurrencies. You can also find insights such as token metrics, market capitalization, and trading volumes.

Some price data aggregation platforms are more geared towards decentralized tokens such as DeFi and meme coins. On these platforms, you can find decentralized cryptos across different blockchain networks while viewing details such as liquidity, live trading activity, and price charts.

You will also find information such as trading volume details, as well as technical data such as the smart contract source code, supported wallets, and supported blockchain explorers.


Below are some of the most popular crypto price aggregation platforms where you can potentially find the newest crypto to invest in.


One of the most widely used price tracking websites. On CoinGecko, you can view live crypto prices, crypto charts, categorical ranking data, market statistics, and news. It boasts a friendly user interface that allows you to filter through tokens by market cap, blockchain, web3 category, and utility feature type, giving a 360-degree overview of cryptocurrencies.

DEX Screener

A popular live price tracking and data aggregation tool for DeFi tokens. Here, you can find some of the best new decentralized crypto projects. DEX Screener provides real-time price charts and trading history on DEXs that span over 80 blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Solana, Base, TON, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom.


Like DEX Screener, DEXTools allows you to explore tokens and view live trading pairs and prices across decentralized exchanges. You can find a range of the best new DeFi tokens, which tend to have dedicated token pages on DexTools upon launch. Some features, such as wallet tracking and instant trade tracking, differentiate this platform. In both instances, you will need a premium DEXTools account.

News sources

News outlets publish daily information on the latest major news and updates in the crypto markets. Similarly, dedicated crypto news sites frequently publish articles for old and new crypto projects.

Some of the best crypto news sites will publish pre-launch news for upcoming ICOs and early-stage cryptocurrency projects. You can find insights into emerging trends, crypto market stats, token analysis, and technical developments in blockchain.

For instance, you can find the latest news on the involvement of government and regulatory bodies in the blockchain industry. By following this news, you can get a broader, longer-term outlook on how cryptocurrency will impact the future of international banking, investments, and finance.

How to find new crypto coins early on crypto news publications


Publishes breaking crypto news on the latest market trends and industry developments. CryptoNews publishes a range of daily insights categorized across Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain technology, and press releases on some of the best-emerging cryptos. The platform also publishes guides and reviews on crypto exchanges, wallets, GambleFi platforms, DeFi protocols, and play-to-earn games.


Describes itself as a ‘Crypto encyclopedia’ offering comprehensive information on the latest crypto news, events, and market insights. As well as news on altcoins, DeFi, and NFTs, the platform provides a range of web3 product reviews, helper guides, crypto price predictions, and chart analytics. What’s unique about Coinpedia is its crypto portfolio tracker, airdrop section, and a token launchpad where you can find the hottest and most active ICOs.


CoinTelegraph, founded in 2013, is among the most popular crypto news publishers. It publishes daily news and insights into blockchain technology, cryptocurrency assets, and emerging FinTech trends in decentralized finance and web3. CoinTelegraph is frequently present at the most prominent crypto events, publishing stories and special reports on global outlooks, policies, and regulatory frameworks.

Crypto forums

Chat threads and crypto forums date back to the grassroots stage of cryptocurrencies long before the explosion of social media and the current technical foundations of Web3.

On chat forums, community members create posts on message boards or topic threads tailored to specific subject matters on web3. You can find a range of community opinions, open discussions, and trading analyses on some of the best emerging crypto projects.

Reddit IPO


A social media and forum website where users post on individual, topic-led threads called Subreddits. The Reddit platform boosts posts and comments based on the number of ‘upvotes’ (likes) they receive from other users. With this in mind, Reddit can be a great source for finding the best new cryptos.

Some of the most active subreddits are r/CryptoMarkets, r/bitcoin, r/CryptoCurrency, r/Solana, and r/altcoin.

Bitcoin Talk

Created in 2009 by Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin Talk is one of the oldest and most successful crypto chat forums. Bitcoin Talk was where Satoshi frequently discussed the development of Bitcoin and its blockchain architecture.

The Bitcoin Talk chat forum was initially geared towards coding professionals and developers, birthing the age of the Cypherpunks and crypto-anarchists. This movement focused on using computer code and cryptographic technology to preserve privacy.

Find new release cryptocurrency on BitcoinTalk

The Cryptocurrency Forums

Provides a range of articles and coverage on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency topics, investing insights, beginner tips, and scam prevention. It is not a traditional chat forum like Reddit or BitcoinTalk but an educational resource site for new and experienced cryptocurrency investors.

The site claims to provide information completely devoid of rumor, popularity, or influences by particular companies or crypto communities.

Further methods for finding new crypto tokens

If you are wondering how else to find new crypto coins early, you can find below some further methods to assist you in finding the best crypto presales and trending tokens.

Track top-performing wallets

Wallet tracking is a strategy you can use to follow the activity of whale wallets. By following experienced traders, you can potentially find the best new crypto to invest in. You can do this by following the actions of professional traders with a successful track record.

Sometimes, high-volume trading actions from whales, VCs, crypto funds, and exchanges can indicate market sentiment and future movements. Large-scale hedge funds and trading institutions tend to have an edge in the markets, employing professional cryptocurrency analysts to research market trends using the best tools.

Track crypto wallets to find crypto coins early


A web3 portfolio tracker that covers crypto tokens, DeFi protocols, and NFTs across all EVM chains. You can use the platform to find successful traders and track what cryptos they buy. It also provides statistical insights on traders, such as follower count, trust score, leaderboard rank, and total net worth of followers. The free platform offers a paid version with enhanced features such as wallet activity monitoring and a time machine for all addresses.

DeBank provides a sleek user interface for analyzing trader portfolios. You can find the trader’s cryptocurrencies and the distribution of funds across each DeFi protocol. When scrolling through a trader’s funding allocations, we also discovered that DeBank states the type of DeFi protocol interaction, such as yield farming, lending, liquidity pooling, or simple staking.

Nansen is an on-chain data platform that analyzes over 300 million blockchain wallets and their activities. The platform’s dashboard labels and displays whales, significant funds, profitable traders, and contracts. Nansen also has a smart alert feature notifying you when an entity buys, sells, mints, or transfers tokens and NFTs.

Nansen offers cross-chain analytics across 18 blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana, Avalance, NEAR, and Base. The tool provides access to Alpha Insights, a portfolio tracker, professional data-driven research, and a query execution tool. Using Nansen, you can effortlessly track and analyze critical movements and metrics to navigate the crypto markets more effectively.

Blockchain explorers (Etherscan/Solscan)

Blockchain explorers allow users to search and browse crypto transactions and blocks on a given chain. Some savvy traders are finding the next 100x crypto gem by tracking whale buys and manually fishing through transactions on the token contract address on the block explorer. By sifting through contracts, you can find the biggest token holders, and if that whale has a proven track record in making successful plays by finding crypto coins early, you can identify other hidden gems the trader holds.

Airdrop hunting

Airdrop hunting is an effective way to find new emerging crypto projects. According to CoinGecko research, the biggest crypto airdrops in history were Uniswap, Apecoin, DYDX, Arbitrum, and Ethereum Name Service.

Below, we highlight some useful sources for finding the latest crypto airdrops for new-release cryptocurrency projects.

Find best emerging cryptocurrencies by hunting airdrops

Dedicated airdrop tracking website that provides insights into crypto token airdrops. The platform is a data aggregator that is free to use. You can filter the search to categorize airdrops by latest, hottest, potential, and token holder airdrops. You can also find potential airdrops across over 40 different blockchain networks.


As mentioned earlier, the CC2Ventures X account publishes airdrop farming strategies and likely task criteria to conduct, which can qualify you for airdrop rewards. CC2Ventures is a reliable source of intel on airdrops, having amassed over $250,000 in just one year from airdrops.

Miles Deutscher

A crypto analyst and influencer active on YouTube and Twitter. You can find insights into which airdrops Miles is farming and what strategies and on-chain tasks he is conducting to have an edge.

Paid crypto research and alpha

Many outlets publish alpha and crypto research; however, they often require a one-off payment or a subscription in order to be accessed. These outlets tend to have years of experience and dedicated market analysts using various on-chain analytics tools and wallet trackers.

Some noteworthy sources of paid crypto research and alpha are listed below. These resources can potentially assist you in finding new crypto coins early.

Paid alpha is a good way to find crypto coins early


Bankless is a global web3 community and crypto hub. The platform was created to generate knowledge for enthusiastic, ‘bankless’ persons looking for a self-sovereign future. Bankless publishes crypto news, token analysis, market insights, articles, help guides, airdrops, and free perks. Although the basic version of the Bankless portal is free to use, subscribing to Bankless Citizenship will give you daily market reports, analyst articles, bonus podcasts, and a Bankless toolkit.

A research platform dedicated to helping investors understand and navigate the cryptocurrency world through community knowledge share and education. The platform claims to have world-class analysts delivering premium crypto research and strategies. The platform’s dashboard boasts a friendly user interface, providing a tailored experience with actionable insights on the cryptocurrency markets and the web3 industry.


Self-proclaimed as the marriage of crypto mastery and community valor, the ‘dojo’ is where passionate investors navigate the complexities of DeFi. The platform emphasizes that you can be empowered by a community that “embodies the courage and integrity of the samurai spirit.” Although the website does not have a dedicated dashboard, you can access the DeFi Dojo by joining their Telegram channel.


Our research process includes consultation with several in-house cryptocurrency and investment experts with more than a decade of combined experience. Our team creates a shortlist, and we then analyze each method and spotlight a few relevant sources to assist the online community. We then researched influencers, channels, and news outlets and tested each platform. This ensures a first-hand opinion on the credibility of each product method.


How do I get new crypto before listing?

Keep up to date with crypto analysts on YouTube and scout social media apps like Twitter with keyword and hashtag searches to find new upcoming cryptos before major listing dates.

How do I find the next big crypto?

Paid for research and alpha will always be a good place to start. Also, you can track whale wallets and see big money movements in tokens by utilizing on-chain analytics platforms like Nansen. This can give an edge to knowing which crypto is being purchased en masse.

How do I find newly created coins?

You will want to use DEX price aggregation tools like DEX Screener and DEXTools to find newly created crypto coins. Some of the newest launched crypto projects will not be listed on mainstream price websites like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap and will launch on DEX price aggregators.