How to Buy Mega Dice Token ($DICE)- 2024 Buying Guide

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GameFi tokens are a category of cryptocurrencies that tend to have a range of utility and functionality within an online gaming ecosystem or metaverse.

Mega Dice Token (DICE), is the latest Solana network token that has utility within a GameFi ecosystem and provides daily rewards to holders. The project is at the intersection of web3 and online iGaming, a merge of sectors in what is now referred to as GambleFi.

This guide will review the project’s roadmap and key features while highlighting how to buy $DICE in the presale with simple steps and illustrations.

How to buy Mega Dice Token ($DICE) – Step-by-step guide

Summarized below is an illustrated step-by-step guide on how to buy Mega Dice Tokens in the presale. Being a Solana network token, you will first need to create and fund a Solana-compatible cryptocurrency wallet.

Due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, it is recommended to do your own research on crypto presales, new projects and ICOs, assessing your own risk appetite before investing.

Step 1: Download Phantom and create a new wallet

Firstly, you must create your own unique Solana-compatible crypto wallet to purchase $DICE. Our experts recommend Phantom Wallet as it is the most widely used on the Solana network.

Start creating your new Solana wallet by visiting the official Phantom website. The homepage will immediately detect whether you are on a mobile device or a PC web browser. For this demonstration, we are using the Microsoft Edge browser.

Create a Solana chain wallet on Edge

Select the ‘Download for Edge’ tab, which will take you to the Microsoft extensions page. When adding the Phantom Wallet extension, you must accept a disclaimer acknowledging that it is a third-party application.

Once the Phantom Wallet extension has been added, a new browser tab will open, allowing the creation of a new wallet.

A screenshot of the 'create new wallet' stage on the Phatom wallet

Step 2: Set a password and securely store your seed phrase

The next step is to set a password for your new Solana network wallet. Once the password is confirmed, you will be given the seed phrase, which is the master unlock phrase for your new crypto wallet.

A screenshot of the seed phrase stage on the Phantom wallet extension

The seed phrase is 12 words in a specific order and should be written down and stored in a secure place. It is recommended never to screenshot your seed phrase or store it on any device that connects to the internet.

You should never share your seed phrase with anybody, as it will grant full access to your wallet and funds.

Step 3: Fund your Phantom wallet with $SOL

To join new and active ICOs, you will need to fund your Solana network wallet.

Our research team recommends always using a reputable cryptocurrency exchange, such as Coinbase or OKX, to purchase Solana or other cryptos with fiat. You must copy and paste your Solana address as the receiving wallet destination when commencing the purchase.

You can copy the address to the clipboard by hovering over the two squares next to ‘Account’ at the top of your Phantom wallet extension.

Step 4: Initiate token swap for $DICE

Once funds have appeared in your Phantom wallet, the next step to buy $DICE is to visit the official Mega Dice Token website.

At the exchange widget, you will see the ‘connect wallet’ option. Click it and authorize the connection to your Phantom wallet.


Now enter the amount of $SOL you wish to swap for Mega Dice Tokens. The exchange widget will automatically display the amount of $DICE you will receive in exchange.

Select the ‘Buy Now’ option to initiate the transaction. A window will appear at the Phantom wallet extension, asking you to confirm the transaction.

How to buy Mega Dice using Phantom wallet

You will be able to see details on the network fee, and once satisfied, click confirm. Now, the transaction will be processed, and you will be able to claim your tokens after the presale ends.

Leaving 0.05 $SOL in your wallet is always good practice to cover future transaction costs.

Key facts and figures for Mega Dice

  • Token supply: $DICE has a total token supply of 420 million tokens
  • Positive sentiment: Within hours of the presale launch, Mega Dice Token raised $250,000, displaying positive community sentiment.
  • Established crypto casino: Mega Dice is an established online crypto casino. It is a rapidly growing brand with over 50K players.
  • Casino performance rewards: By staking $DICE, you can earn daily rewards based on the casino’s performance.
  • Token utility: $DICE is seamlessly integrated into Mega Dice casino, offering exclusive access, rewards, and benefits.
  • DEX liquidity: A 10% reserve allocation adds a substantial DEX liquidity pool.

Benefits of participating in the Mega Dice Token presale

  • Early price entry: You can obtain tokens at an early-stage discounted price by participating in crypto presales. This gives you an overall price entry advantage and the possibility of returns should the token increase in price upon listing on exchanges.
  • Pre-listing staking incentive: By participating in the presale, you will qualify to stake $DICE before the listing day, where you can earn passive daily rewards based on the casino’s performance.
  • Early bird bonus: Early participants of the Mega Dice Token presale will qualify for token bonuses for being early project supporters.

Risks of participating in the Mega Dice Token presale

  • Crypto market volatility: The crypto markets are volatile, and it is unclear whether crypto presales can gain the attention they had previously.
  • No guarantee of casino performance: Although the Mega Dice online casino claims to have 10,000 monthly active users, there is no guarantee that the number of players will remain consistently the same.
  • Project sustainability: Due to several external factors, we cannot assess whether the Mega Dice project will be sustainable or have longevity in its future operations.

Make sure to visit the official website to explore the Mega Dice Casino and join community socials to keep up to date with the project.


What is $DICE?

$DICE is the native Solana network token of the Mega Dice Casino, currently in presale.

The token has a range of utilities used within the GameFi ecosystem for passive staking, early access, discounts, and benefit perks.

Do I need Solana to buy $DICE?

Due to it being a Solana network token, it is preferential to initiate a swap with Solana.

However, Mega Dice offers the option to purchase $DICE tokens using $ETH and $BNB via MetaMask and $USDT on both respective networks.

You will need a Phantom wallet in all instances to claim tokens.

Why do I need a Phantom wallet?

Due to $DICE being a Solana network token, you will need a Solana-compatible wallet, such as Phantom wallet, to receive tokens at launch.

Even if you participate using MetaMask on Ethereum or Binance Chain, you will still need a Solana network wallet to receive $DICE.