China Mobile: Seven million people lost in China

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Analysts at EXANTE (an international investment firm) claim to have exclusive information about the coronavirus chronology and statistics. Below is analyst’s coronavirus chronology and some key facts. These have been shared with us from a reputable academic source in HK who does not wish to be named.

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Vitaliy Kin, EXANTE's senior analyst says: 

"There are seven million people lost in China!

In spite of China still claiming that Wuhan City was shut down with only 47 cases of Coronavirus, we believe that this is untrue. Who would shut down a whole city with 11 million people due to only 47 cases. And if this was the case, why is the whole world infected now?

China Mobile has announced that it estimates seven million people have been lost to Covid-19. It says that the horrible reality is that seven million people have just disappeared! In China every number must be registered to an individual’s name, and approximately seven million have disappeared! There are three major suppliers in China and all three have announced a loss in accounts.

Where are those people now? No one can live without a mobile. The even scarier thing is that China Mobile only occupies 50 per cent of the market. Therefore, this increases the estimation of deaths to between 10 to 15 million, but no proof, just estimation.

However, this is unusual for China Mobile, because if you look at their announcements in the stock market, their business has always increased year-on-year, so why the sudden decrease?

Some people say you can just observe Italy. If you check the electricity and water usage there it has suddenly decreased. But these estimations are just that – there’s no proof, no one knows the actual figure. The actual figure will be forever buried down deep.

He adds: 

"The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is taking the correct action and has regained the faith of the British Public. We believe that the virus will soon be under control and within Mr Johnson's 12 week prediction. The cycle of infection is roughly two months from explosion to calming down. Therefore the European Union (EU) and United States (US) still need one more month and in May when the weather turns hotter, the virus will be cured. This is because the EU, New Zealand, and the US announced they will cooperate with Taiwan, which has set the precedent for dealing with Coronavirus, as its infection rates are at the lowest - even lower than Hong Kong or Singapore."

Coronavirus Chronology

Sep 29, 2019 Patient zero detected in Wuhan Jin Yin Tan Hospital by CT Scan. This case is recorded in file, but the scan kept secret.

Oct 18-27, 2019 World Military Games held in Wuhan The Diplomatic spokesman later on claimed that patient zero is a US soldier of the Games (but no proof). The prove is one month earlier than that day.

Oct 30, 2019 Later on, People's Daily of China confirmed 5 soldiers went into Hospital because of Malaria, with no symptom of linking up any disease but had not disclose the nationality of soldiers, just foreign soldiers.

Dec 14, 2019 Dr Ay Feng received the first patient in Wuhan Hospital, transferred from Emergency to Infectious Dept, from CT scan she knew it was very serious. She passed the news to colleagues and students

Dec 30, 2019 D r Li Wen Liang, the Whistle Blower sent the news within his special group in Wechat of about 200 medical staff and asked them to aware of this. This is actual ly a private chatting group not public.

Dec 31, 2019 The Hospital knew at once and not allowed him to talk anymore, and do not all ow medical st aff to wear full gear protective clothes and report to police. Medical staff were thus infected and transmitted to other patients. 27 cases confirmed on that day.

Jan 3, 2020 Diplomatic Dept noticed USA of an unknown infectious disease secretly , without noticing Chinese general public.

Jan 5, 2020 WHO said this disease could not be transmitted person to person, no need to levy travel ban against China.

On Jan 7, 2020 President Xi of China noticed everyone in the meeting to take care but should not expose the news to general public so as not to affect the atmosphere of Spring Festival ( Chinese New Year)

Jan 10, 2020 Spring Travelling started, it is known as the largest travelling on earth, people from large cities need to go back to hometown for Chinese New Year. Wuhan is in the middle of China.

Jan 12. 2020 WHO said that no prove of person to person transmission.

On Jan 14, 2020 WHO said that only limited person to person transmission.

Jan 17, 2020 WHO said no need to carry out any anti virus policy

Jan 18, 2020 In Wuhan, it has a traditional event known as Ten Thousand Family Gathering before Chinese New Year , it’s the 20 th year of this event where every family has to make a dish and enjoy together, altogether 10,000 famil ies took part with 40,000 people in 10 venue s. This is where the transmission started.

Jan 20, 2020 As s embly in Beijing held, Dr Chung who is known as the hero of SARS in 2003, disclosed publicly that there is a dise ase may be 10 times more serious than SARS of 2003. But the public said they believe in Communist Party and no need to do anything.

Jan 21, 2020 WHO issued a report that this virus can be person to per son infected, but at once changed the word form can be to may be under the pressure from China.

And on Jan 23 , 2020 02:00 am Beijing announced to close the Wuhan city at 10:00am of the same morning no one can leave the city. The official infected case announced was 47 only, a doctor in Wuhan estimated should be 90,000 and another said 250,000. For a lot of people died suddenly before sending to hospital and cannot be counted. 5,000,000 people already left the Wuhan city and back to their hometown because of Spring Travelling, out of this 50,000 is estimated to leave China but mostly to South and East Asia

Jan 25, 2020 Chinese New Year

After that everything is disclosed publicly. The incubation period is 14 days, that is after two periods (28 days) of isolation, the infectious rate would be lowered and you knew everything after that.

Recently , the infectious rate is zero, because they want to attract workers back to factory to work and stopped testing, so there would not be any increasing

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