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Q1 2017 Letters

Q1 2017 Hedge Fund Letters is now up stay tuned as it is just the first day of the quarter Also some hedge fund conferences in Q1 2017 will be profiled here The links are not an endorsement whatsoever nor […]

Credit Analysis and Relative Equity Valuations

Credit Analysis and Relative Equity Valuations

Last week, I discussed how the key factors of diversification and dynamism explain, if not justify, the premium valuation that US equities enjoy over most other global equity markets that are characterized by far more concentration and stagnation within their […]

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Investing vs. Gambling – Managing the Chaos

How does one invest amid the slew of palm sweating, teeth grinding headlines of Syria, North Korea, Brexit, expanding populism, Trumpcare, French candidate Marine Le Pen, and a potential government shutdown? Facing a persistent mountain of worries can seem daunting […]