The usage of cannabis products amidst the pandemic

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As of March 27, 2020, there are over 383,000 active cases of coronavirus that had swept through 199 countries and territories worldwide. While others stock up on food, toilet papers, face masks, and alcohols, some stock up on other marijuana and cannabis products.’s survey study was the first to help us understand why the U.S. cannabis consumers would rather choose cannabis products over the mentioned, more necessary items during the COVID-19 outbreak.


cannabis products

Is Marijuana That Important Amid the COVID-19 chaos?

Department stores, pharmacies, and malls were packed with people panic-buying necessary items to keep them safe from the dreaded coronavirus. But for U.S. cannabis consumers in Los Angeles and most states, marijuana and cannabis products are also among their “valuable items list”.

Even though wearing face masks out in the public are a must nowadays, 28% of the 990 survey participants would value marijuana products more. On a similar note, 17% value cannabis products over toilet papers while 15% of them would rather get their hands on marijuana than getting their hands clean with hand sanitizers.

But the most shocking revelation doesn’t involve buying any items to keep you safe from the coronavirus disease because 5% of the U.S. marijuana consumers would choose marijuana products over food during these unfortunate times of the decade.

cannabis products

Why People are Stocking up on Cannabis Products?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a type of cannabinoid, a chemical found naturally in cannabis (marijuana and hemp) and is responsible for making you feel calm. This is the very reason why 55% (482) survey participants out of 990 claimed to have stocked up on cannabis products.

23% (111) of people who stock up on marijuana did stock in fear of a shortage of marijuana products while the remaining 22% (104) of the survey takers stock up on marijuana products to chill at home as they don’t care about the global pandemic.


On the contrary, 35% (178) of the remaining 508 survey participants that did not stock up on marijuana said they prioritize other more valuable items such as toilet paper, face masks, and hand sanitizers.

36% (183) aren’t worried about marijuana product shortage while 29% (147) of them don’t see any reason why they need to stock up on cannabis products at all.

cannabis products

cannabis products

Marijuana Consumption During Quarantine

Now that most people stay indoors, it’s likely that some will change their consumption behavior towards marijuana and cannabis products.


Surprisingly enough, only 66% (655) of the survey participants didn’t change their consumption rate while the remaining 33% (335) confirmed to have consumed more cannabis products now than before the coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

Survey participants were also asked how they would spend their time at home should the United States implement a national lockdown since America had just surpassed China and Italy with the most number of active coronavirus cases as of March 27, 2020.

While Snoop Dogg does the ‘Kush Up Challenge’ during self-quarantine, others would rather do other things to keep themselves busy.


A good portion of the 990 survey participants or 28.08% (~278) would rather binge-watch TV shows at home, followed by 16.67% (~165) that said they would just smoke weed during a lockdown event.

A good 13.43% (~133) would keep themselves busy exercising or doing sports activities at home while the remaining 15.05% (~149) will just kill time by surfing the internet for the rest of the duration should the U.S. government finally implement a national lockdown.

Overall, 54.24% (~537) of the U.S. marijuana consumers that took the survey remain positive amidst the pandemic coronavirus outbreak as they believe everything is going to be alright.

Since COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus, it’s not surprising to see how 40.20% (~398) of the survey takers are worried to death. But even so, 5.56% (~55) of them still don’t care at all.

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