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How to Pay Your BBVA Credit Card: Online, Phone or Mail

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The ClearPoints credit card issued by BBVA —Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA (BME:BBVA)— and operated by Visa Inc (NYSE:V) is rife with combined benefits and a flexible rewards program that will entice any potential cardholder.

In this article, you will learn more about the BBVA credit card login, how to make a BBVA credit card payment, how to contact the credit card customer service, the types of credit cards issued by the Spanish bank, and much more!

Benefits of The BBVA Compass Credit Card

These are the main benefits of the BBVA credit card:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • No annual fees and a simple and flexible rewards program.
  • One point for every dollar you spend via the in-house ClearPoints
  • If you have enough points, the chance to redeem for statement credits and gift cards with participating retailers.
  • Travel and flight discounts and merchandise.
  • 0% APR on purchases for 13 months, and a rate of either 0% on balance transfers for 13 months.
  • Travel accident insurance.
  • Travel emergency assistance.

Online Account Access

To make payments and manage your BBVA credit card, you must have online account access to pay bills that correspond to the card’s use.

BBVA Visa Card Login

You can access your BBVA credit card account by clicking going to the BBVA credit card login here.

Register Online

In the link provided above —which is the BBVA credit card login— you can register and create your account.

You just need to provide some basic personal information such as name, last name, address, social security number, and more.

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your BBVA credit card login password, do not despair. There is an option below the login credentials, so click on it to establish your password.

It will ask you for your user name, which you’ll have to provide to recover access.

Forgot User ID

Also, if you have forgotten your user ID, just click on the “Forgot User ID” option below the login boxes. You will have to enter additional information to validate your identity and follow the steps to recover it.

If you are having problems retrieving your password or user ID, you can always contact BBVA’s credit card customer service —see below.

BBVA Credit Card Services

The BBVA credit cards give you the chance to pay in-store and online wherever Visa is accepted. You can also withdraw money from the BBVA ATM network, and make balance transfers.

BBVA Credit Card Bill Pay Phone Number

You can make a BBVA credit card payment via telephone if you don’t have access to the BBVA credit card login. To do so, just dial 800-239-5175.

You can contact credit card customer service through the same number, and press the number on your keyboard according to the options provided.

BBVA Credit Card Payment Address

The BBVA Visa is a simple credit card. This means you can also make payments per post, to the following address:


P.O. Box 2210

Decatur, AL 35609-001

Customer Service Hours

You can contact the credit card customer service on Mon-Fri 7 am-10 pm, and Saturdays 8 am-4 pm CST. The best time to call is 10:15 am.

How to Pay BBVA Credit Card


Provided you have online account access, you can make your BBVA credit card payments online.

To do this, go to the BBVA credit card login, enter your login credentials and go to the payments options. There, you select the amount you have to pay and continue with the process.

bbva compass visa credit card login

By Phone

To make a payment by phone, dial the number provided above and press the right option on your keyboard to proceed with payment. Then, just follow the prompts.

Remember to have all the information within reach to be able to provide it. You can also choose the option of customer service assistance if you’re having problems.

By Mail

If technology is not your thing or perhaps you are having trouble with your login credentials, you can also pay by sending the tear-off payment coupon that comes with your billing statement to the address provided above.

Via the Mobile App

Via the BBVA Compass app, you have online account access. More than 5 million customers use the app to manage their accounts, and also, to make their credit card payments, including the ClearPoints credit card.

The app allows you to make balance transfers and have all your account information, and it’s available for download on Android and ten App Store.

How to Avoid Late Fees

The max late fee if you fail to make your credit card payment is $37. To avoid late fees in case you forget to make a payment— you can schedule an automatic payment via the BBVA credit card login or the app.


How Much Does It Cost to Open a BBVA Account?

To operate your credit card, you need to have a checking account. It has no monthly fee, free access to Allpoint ATMs, rewards for your debit card, and a solid online banking structure.

To open the account, there is a minimum deposit of $25 you must make.

What Credit Score Is Needed for a BBVA Credit Card?

You’ll be better positioned for approval with a good to excellent credit score of 670 to 850. For the strongest APR and highest credit limit, you’ll need a score that’s on the upper end of the range.

What Type of Credit Cards Does BBVA Offer?

To secure a BBVA credit card, you have plenty of options, each one based on specific cardholder needs. Here’s a breakdown of the BBVA credit card portfolio.

The BBVA Rewards Card: This is a solid option for flat-rate rewards. It gives you 2% cashback, a $100 welcome offer, and no annual fee, and you can secure it with a 670 credit score.

The BBVA Select Credit Card: Through this card, you can choose the categories in which you want to accumulate points. It gives you a %500 points welcome offer, 4x rewards, an ongoing annual fee of $99, and you can apply if you have a minimum 740 credit score.

The BBVA ClearPoints Card: The star of the show, it allows you to choose the accelerated-reward categories with no annual fee. It gives you a $100 welcome offer and no annual fee, and you can secure it with a 670 credit score.

BBVA Optimizer Credit Card: Although it doesn’t give you a welcome offer and doesn’t spare you an annual fee ($40), it offers the lowest purchase and balance transfer APR. You can apply with a 400 credit score.

Is The BBVA Credit Card Any Good?

According to Wallethub, the ClearPoints card is a “decent” option and is currently rated 3 stars out of five after 180 reviews.

Final Thoughts

The BBVA Compass credit card offers you online account access and solid credit card customer service to get the best out of the product. You can make balance transfers via the credit card App, and it will give you extra perks such as travel accident insurance and travel emergency assistance.