Apple Watch Will Replace The Car Keys: Tim Cook

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Apple CEO Tim Cook is already wearing the new Apple Watch and he admitted that he cannot imagine living without it anymore during an interview with The Telegraph. According to him, people will buy the device for all sorts of reasons.

It is a fact that millions of people around the world particularly young people do not wear a watch. Their main reason is they can check the time using their smartphones.  Based on Cook’s statement, it is obvious that Apple is confident that it can convince people to start wearing a watch again—not just any watch but the Apple Watch.

During the interview, Cook emphasized that having the Apple Watch on his wrist is very useful because he can check information by just glancing at it, which is less rude and less intrusive.

He said, “I’m now so used to getting all my notifications and all my messages. It’s so incredible just to do this.”

Apple Watch as a fashion statement

Cook believes that the first reason people would want to buy the Apple Watch is for fashion statement because it has a striking design. He praised Joney Ive, the senior vice president of design at Apple for his work in designing the Apple Watch. “He did such a great job with the design. It’s beautiful,” said Cook.

Cook added that people will buy the Apple Watch just like the iPhone because of a particular reason, but will eventually find out that they love the device because of so many reasons.

The Apple CEO pointed out that the Apple Watch is engineered and designed as a great time-keeper. He promised that the watch will be correct to 50 milliseconds. He emphasized that people will understand that the Apple Watch is significantly different from a traditional watch once they personally witness its full potential.

Improving users’ health

One of the main objectives of Apple is to help people improve their health using the Apple Watch. According to Cook, the device will not only monitor a person’s heart rate, but it will remind the person to stand up or go for a walk if he or she doesn’t have enough exercise.

Interestingly, the Apple Watch has a special reward system. Users will receive credits when they are exercising regularly. The device will also encourage users to increase their metabolic targets once they reach their exercise targets consistently.

Apple Watch as a car key, credit card

According to Cook, the Apple Watch is designed to replace car keys, a major development that could strengthen speculations that Apple would enter the auto manufacturing space.

Cook added that the Apple Watch will also function as a usable credit card as it is integrated with Apple Pay. The Apple CEO said the payment system is very secure, and it respects consumer’s privacy. The tech giant will not monitor consumer’s purchases.

The battery life of the Apple Watch is 24 hours. Cook described the charger of the watch as “incredible” because it uses a magnetic technology for efficiency and beauty.

Apple is scheduled to launch the Apple Watch during a special “Spring Forward” event on March 9.

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