Apple Inc. To Hold Special Event On March 9

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Apple plans to hold special “Spring Forward” event on March 9. Although the tech giant has yet to announce the event’s discussions, it will likely involved the upcoming smartwatch. It may also involve the rumored 12-inch Retina MacBook Air.

The highly-anticipated Apple Watch is set to roll out to retail in April, so next month’s announcement would be the perfect time to share all the details about the upcoming launch. Some reports already surfaced about the luxury wearable but none of those rumors confirmed. One such report claimed the tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook told a retail store employee that the upcoming watch would be waterproof.

A new MacBook Air could be in the works

Apple could introduce the Retina MacBook Air at the event. Mark Gurman for 9to5 Mac showed what appeared to be a radically designed MacBook Air. The rumored laptop doesn’t include full-sized USB ports, SD card slots, and MagSafe connectors. It features a much thinner body and overall design compared to previous versions. It also has a higher-resolution display, a key feature for many of the company’s products. This computer would be an upgrade from the MacBook Air Pro, which debuted three years ago

A new design for MacBook Air

Although the MacBook Air is an inch smaller than the last model, it is a quarter-of-an-inch taller to make room for the larger display. The laptop also features a revamped unibody with new features from the keyboard to speakers. The new keyboard sits edge to edge across laptop width. The key set features a new design with all the keys sitting noticeably together, and the function keys moved to the top. The arrow key array features simplified the design so Apple can keep the keyboard on the narrow side. Last, but certainly not least, the laptop eliminated the feedback to keep the computer on the thinner side.

Apple could also unveil the iPad Pro, a larger tablet computer that would be designed specifically for professional industries.

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