Apple Watch Can Be Worn Inside The Shower

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Apple is finalizing features and details for the upcoming Apple Watch

One of the expected features of the upcoming Apple Watch is a waterproof design that will allow it to be worn in the shower. reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook was overheard telling a German retail employee that users can wear the watch in the water. The Cupertino-based tech giant reportedly told journalist David Pogue it would be okay to wear the watch in the rain or during workout sessions. However, it was not approved for swimming or showering.

Apple has yet to announce whether or not the highly-anticipated gadget will be waterproof. It is possible Apple could change it up with other new features.

What to expect from the Apple Watch

Cook divulged a lot of details regarding the upcoming Apple Watch. He admitted that he charged it once a night. He also told an employee that accessibility features for disabled users will be added in the near future. Additionally, he told employees Apple Pay would arrive in Europe by late 2015.

Apple is putting serious marketing power behind the Apple Watch. Magazine publications including Self and Vogue feature the device in their issues. A special magazine ad also features the watch; it shows the different band designs and casings. The advertisement offers a close-up of the watch design as well.

Apple amps up marketing for watch

Apple kept its marketing of the watch limited up until now. The company did offer fashion consumers a brief look at the device during a marketing stint at Parisian boutique Collette. The watch is expected to debut in April.

The Apple Watch could be a huge opportunity for Apple. The upcoming watch is new and innovative, and it appeals to the fashion market. This watch may pave the way for a new era of wearable technologies. The market is already saturated with fitness-oriented wearables, but Apple’s version could change everything.


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