China’s Xi Jinping Tells Military Advisers To Prepare ‘For Fighting A War’

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The Hundred-Year Marathon” author Dr. Michael Pillsbury discusses the Chinese media report that Chinese President Xi Jinping has told his military advisers to prepare for fighting a war (not on trade).

Xi Jinping Tells Military To Prepare ‘For Fighting A War’

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Breaking news now President Trump threatens to impose more tariffs against all of China's remaining exports to the United States if talks with President Xi fail in November.

These new tariffs could amount to two hundred fifty seven billion dollars of Chinese goods. President Trump and Xi are set to meet at the end of November at the G 20 summit in Argentina. The President President Xi also calling on his military advisers to prepare for fighting a war she making those comments following his visit last week to the disputed islands in the South China Sea. Joining us now to take on these issues and to tell us where this tariff dispute in his judgment.

Trade dispute between the United States and China are headed we are delighted to be joined by Dr. Michael Pilsbury author of The New York Times number one best seller The 100 year marathon Strategy to Replace America as the global superpower.

As President Xi today making these prepare for fighting threats to his military commanders are the United States Navy talking about further actions to keep freedom of navigation operations going in the South China Sea.

I think both sides both Beijing and President Trump are playing to the same audience that 10 nations who belong to something called ASEAN for short dissociation of Southeast Asian Nations. These are kind of swing votes. They're not quite sure who will be the future power in the world. Us or them. So President Xi says things every now and then to kind of show his toughness. At the same time the United States runs these patrols through disputed Chinese territory. I think that's what we're seeing more and more of this kind of shadowboxing going on. I don't think war is going to break out in the near future..

Well I tell you first Lou I appreciate that that any heads up would be appreciated by this audience which I will promise to lure straight away.

No not even having a cold war by the way with China. That's been an exaggeration coming out of Beijing. It is seeking a Cold War. Is that true either.

Well that's a great piece of propaganda for the Chinese because it does suggest to the world that there is some sort of parity with theU.S. military they're far from it right. Right. And the Russians however are not a fiction when it comes to a Cold War. This Putin seems to be making every move possible to provoke and then want to discuss things over with this president. I cannot read Putin to save me. I know that. You certainly could. So help us out.

Well I do want to point out something President Trump authorized his national security adviser John Bolton to do what's this to propose talks with Putin about the China threat to kind of send a message to the Chinese that we and the Russians can be talking about your economic threat your technology theft a lot of things that China does to the United States. They also do to Russia and we need to make sure they don't align themselves together number one but number two we need to try to increase Russian suspicion of China. I think Putin is the suspicious kind of guy because of his career in the KGB. So I think John Bolton's proposals are going to work frankly.

Well let's hope so and if the reality is that the trade dispute with China the president has is has chosen a strategy that really leverages a declining economy in China and it leaves China not prepare for fighting a world war but negotiations.

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