Xbox Two or Scarlett: What will be the name of the next Xbox?

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We are a little over a year away from the launch of the next-generation Xbox. Although the code-name is Xbox Scarlett, it seems unlikely that this will be the name of the next Xbox. So will it be the Xbox Two or something else? Fans have wondering about this for quite some time.

Twenty years of Xbox

The gaming media has generally latched on to Xbox Two as a placeholder name of the next Xbox. It seems to make sense since the last major generation was the Xbox One. However, naming things isn’t so cut and dry for Microsoft. The first version of the console was simply the Xbox, and it was followed by the Xbox 360 and then the Xbox One.

For those who can’t remember as far back as the original Xbox, 2020 marks 19 years since it first went on sale in November 2001. Since the original Xbox was first announced in 2000, next year does mark 20 years since the first announcement of Microsoft’s hugely popular gaming console, so the company could use that in the name of the next Xbox somehow. After all, twenty years is quite a big milestone.

There’s at least one Reddit thread discussing the name of the next Xbox, and some Redditors noted that the most recent iteration is technically the Xbox One X. Transferring the “one” into a Roman numeral makes it Xbox IX or Xbox 9. Thus, there’s a possibility that the next console could be the Xbox 10 or the Xbox X, although naming it the Xbox X would probably just be confusing because of the Xbox One X.

Are any of these the name of the next Xbox?

One other name that was mentioned on the Reddit thread was Xbox Infinite, which we think could be quite possible. Microsoft undoubtedly wants players to be thinking about gaming being everywhere with the Xbox, xCloud and GamePass, which could lead to a name like Xbox Infinite. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One both conjure ideas of everything, with 360 being in all directions and one meaning all-in-one. Another suggestion we like is Xbox Core, which could follow the same pattern.

The Verge is running a poll on what the name of the next Xbox will be. Aside from Xbox Two and Xbox Infinite, some of their suggestions include Xbox 720, Xbox Pro, Xbox Next, Xbox Prime and Xbox Scarlett. Calling it simply “Xbox” is also on their list, and in fact, it was the most popular answer of the bunch. However, we don’t think that’s very likely because there was already a console called that. We also don’t believe Xbox Scarlett will be the final name because usually these things don’t go to market with their code-names as the final selection.

What do you think the name of the next Xbox will be? Let us know in the comments.

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