Windows 9 Preview: What Should You Expect?

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Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet reported Friday that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will unveil the “technology preview” of its Windows 9, code-named Threshold, in late September or early October. That means the preview is no more than eight weeks away. Though it will be available to public download, the Windows 9 preview will be a beta software, not the general release. So, it would be quite buggy and lacking many of the expected features.

Windows 9 preview may not show a major departure from Windows 8

The full-fledged Windows 9 will reportedly go on sale around April 2015. Before then, you’ll get the preview of Windows 9 from a public beta site. Though the technical preview will be for developers, anyone interested can download and install it. However, reports suggest that Windows 9 preview will have a streamlined public download process. That means you’ll have to agree to automatically receive monthly updates if you chose to install it.

This preview will give developers a head start to ensure software compatibility, so it’s unlikely to see a significant departure from Windows 8 just yet. The developer preview of Windows 8 still featured the translucent Aero UI. If you want to know whether Windows 9 is worth an upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, you should probably wait until Microsoft releases the consumer preview of Threshold, which will have most of the final set of features in place.

Microsoft CEO’s immediate fate hinges on Windows 9

Business world still depends on Windows. According to Net Applications, it still powers 92% of the worldwide desktops and laptops. Windows 9 preview will be closely watched because the immediate fate of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and a large number of enterprise computers hinge on it. And the final Windows 9 will show how successfully the Redmond-based company has responded to the consumer complaints.

Consistent rumors and leaks suggest that Windows 9 will be packed with several new features and improvements. Microsoft will remove that annoying Charms bar. The company will bring back the Start menu, and introduce new features like Cortana voice assistant, virtual desktops and an improved taskbar.

Microsoft shares gained 0.23% to $44.89 at 12:41 AM EDT on Monday.

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