Windows 9 To Have New Taskbar, Cortana, Distinctive UI And More

Windows 9 To Have New Taskbar, Cortana, Distinctive UI And More

We have already seen plenty of leaks and rumors around Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s next-gen Windows 9 software, code-named Threshold. During the software giant’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) yesterday, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner said that the next version of Windows, likely to be named Windows 9, will be a great world-class enterprise OS. It will have game-changing functionality for enterprise.

Windows 9 is in alpha stage

Turner emphasized that the company is actively listening and taking consumer feedback. However, he didn’t provide much details. Fortunately, Neowin got a lot to know about the upcoming OS from its sources inside the company. Sources said that Windows 9 is still in alpha stage of development. We have reported previously that the Metro UI will be turned off by default for desktop users. The touchscreen device users will have access to the Metro interface by default.

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Sources said that Threshold is still in alpha stage, so the company can change anything. The alpha build of Windows 9 has a