Windows 9: Return Of The Start Menu, Bye-Bye To Charms Menu

Windows 9

Windows 9 continue to pop up all over the place, as the technology community hopes for a better operating system than its predecessor. So just what is Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) planning? PC Advisor has collected most of the rumors and some screenshots of Windows 9.

Anticipated features of Windows 9

The biggest improvement, in many people’s view, is the return of the iconic Start button. The biggest complaint with Windows 8 was that it was done away with, leaving long-time Windows users confused about how to use the operating system. In addition to bringing the Start menu back, Winbeta suggests that Microsoft will get rid of the Charms bar, which is that one that pops up on the right side of the screen when you move the mouse cursor over there. In this particular case, the report suggests that the Charms menu will remain on mobile devices but disappear on desktop computers. An alternative to this suggests that Microsoft might add a button toward the Windows controls that brings out the Search, Devices, Settings and Share charms from the top of the window.

What will Windows 9 look like?

It’s been suggested many times that the Threshold update will end up becoming Windows 9, which is expected to launch early next year, possibly in April. This date goes against some allegedly leaked documents that suggest only the preview version will be ready in the second to third quarter of 2015. This week some new screen shots have surfaced, possibly showing what Windows 9 will look like. The shots are called Windows 8.1 Pro, but PC Advisor remains convinced that they show Windows 9 because they are consistent with most of the rumors that have been circulating. The screenshots came from Neowin and In addition to showing Windows 9 itself, there’s also a shot of what looks like the new Windows Store. The screenshots clearly show the start menu, along with a list of recently used apps and an option for all apps next to the start menu. This is potentially Microsoft’s way of appeasing those who want the Start menu while also making it easier to use the Metro-style apps. The screenshots also suggest that there will be an area where users can pin their favorite Metro apps for easy access next to the apps list.

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39 Comments on "Windows 9: Return Of The Start Menu, Bye-Bye To Charms Menu"

  1. archaic? Not sure I follow, windows is probably one of the few system installed with the least amount of “bloatware”. If you are referring to manufactures installing stuff after the fact that is a different story but nothing to actually do with Microsoft or windows. As for “people” using it, Microsoft owns the pc market, last time I checked apple only has a very tiny slice. As for most used operating system across all platforms, Linux takes second place to Microsoft, which we can actually say “Apple” is a derivative of that system in fact, as it was based off the original UNIX kernel, hence the feel of the apple systems. As I am not a huge fan of Windows 8’s start menu as a whole, it is probably one of the fastest most stable operating systems they have put out since 7. The only downfall to windows 8 was the actual start menu, as this is the only thing people complain about because it is so “foreign”

  2. Even I think Microsoft could have added visible cues or buttons for charms bar rather than swipe gesture. Even app level search, setting should be a button within app rather than general charms bar. It really confuse non technical users.

    Still I like Windows 8.1 and apps. Day by it is getting improved. I hope Microsoft listens consumers and act accordingly.
    My list of windows 8.1 apps are listed in following video.

  3. Only noobs use Windows, Linux is for the pros

  4. At least its better than Crapple

  5. I wasn’t the biggest fan of 8. It wasn’t total garbage but it was close… 9 looks like it will be a massive improvement.

  6. Microsoft needs to understand that they can only function in 20 years after 2014 if they were able to make a profit, they can function on by profit basis including it’s stock market.

    If more people use Microsoft Windows, more cyber-criminals go after that particular operating system when Microsoft has 90% user share on Windows O.S.

    By the time Windows 24 comes out, Cybercrime is going to skyrocket by 400% higher than it was expected.

    Why would I be using Norton Security and turn off Microsoft’s built-in antivirus and Windows Firewall if hackers could easily bypass Windows Defender and built-in firewall?

    There is no other operating systems or anything that can’t be hacked at anytime. I have mobile devices and I still keep them away from cyber-criminals always because they get same issues as desktop computers.

    Smart TV’s and all internet connected gadgets can still get hacked at any time.

    Nothing is virus-proof including Microsoft and non-Microsoft software and gadgets, not even my Roku, my router and my iPad.

    Security problems are not company specific at all.

    Windows 24 will never be virus proof and if I ever moved to Windows 24 with my kids, I would still teach them internet safety and security on their desktop or laptop computers.

  7. * You’re

  8. I feel sorry for haters and the anti this and that. I just feel sad more than anything. Political opinions above all seem to poison everyone.

  9. Sounds better than wasting time ranting on a stupid comment thread while steeped in so much self-importance

  10. My recommendation is just to run Windows whatever-latest-version as well as version you are familiar with as virtual machines, preferably on an intel I7 MacBook Pro else a PC with lots of RAM and flash hard drive. This way you can run critical work and not lose time with Microsoft’s continuous experiments and changing cost structures in operating system and software dependencies. In the end it’s about your time, productivity and software as well as hardware costs as well as security. In summary It’s cool to experiment but don’t commit early in the operating system or major software upgrade release cycle. Today’s hardware options as well as virtual machine options on laptops, desktops and servers let you do that.

  11. Unix and future versions of what was SCO Xenix are still around and going just not anywhere close to the consumer marcket as they suck for consumers but they make pratical sense to devlopers, system adminstrators, and others like that well windows is made for the general consumer like our moms, dads, and freinds who are not in nor want to go through the hassles of getting everything to work in linux nor the expense of a mac. They work just not for the general consumer so the one who is a little behind on how technology should go is you Bobby Edwards.

  12. Really? the Windows interface is just the consumer linux KDE interface from windows 95 to windows 7 then the linux Unity interface for windows 8, 8.1, and RT nothing about the interface is restricted to only windows it is just the compatiablity is what makes windows sell more than linux and mac.

  13. as long as there are the ” Ease of Use ” options on the login screen windows is able to be hacked semi-easy with just a few command line commands used through either a linux boot or a windows boot disc boot up to change one of them to the command prompt window and as you are not signed in yet you are the ” System ” user which has full unrestricted access to the local machine. Of course this requires them to be able to boot up the machine from a disc which many consumers do not know how to do nor have the physical disc to be able to do so but for a hacker the method is on youtube serval times over and works on anything from 95 to the current OS.

  14. i think his point was that the metro interface was not good for ppl who have a ton of apps nor for ppl who are installing new things on a regular basis either due to them being a program tester or just them being a gamer and wanting every game to be installed then haveing to go through a very big list to find the one they wanted to play instead of the organized menu windows 7 had as it was just faster that way though the search function in windows 8 / 8.1 makes the metro screen kinda useless all together as i find myself just useing it to find something that i do not have pinned to the taskbar

  15. Windoze 8 is utter garbage, I just bought an HP laptop. I’ll upgrade to 9, definitely. I cannot stand this (P)OS, Bill Gates is saving the world with philanthropy when he should be back in Redmond saving Microsoft (a la Jobs, I might say).

  16. So they are removing Charms, that Metro UI crap is still tagged onto the start menu and the other leaked information states that Windows Store is still integrated along with advertisements you cant get rid of and an integrated Windows Defender.

    So, all the garbage people did NOT buy Windows 8 for is still there.
    Really get sick of MS and their garbage. Make a damn OS, make all the other crap SEPERATE.

  17. “are you on crack” ha. Haven’t heard that since the 90’s. Did you think that up originally?

  18. Everything has limits. All you have to do is push the consumer hard enough and they will go elsewhere. Apple went from a fairly low market share in iPhones to over 50% because of Samsung and LG’s messing about. What did Apple have to offer?

    This business of MicroSoft bringing out new operating system and quite rapidly canceling support for newer systems is really irritating people.

    Linux Mint is not only a good OS but it’s free and almost bug free. And BitDefender – one of the best antivirus programs – is available for it.

  19. Anti-computing standards is like destroying desktop and laptop computing with something that works good with Tablets for example, a Windows 8 Modern UI.

    It means that I had to train our family members how to use Windows 8 for hours and hours instead of teaching them about newer functions. If Microsoft made Windows 8 more like Windows 7 with upgraded functions, I would only have to tell my parents what’s new with this O.S., not having to teach my family members how to use this desktop computer.

    Anti-computing standards were designed by Microsoft as they thought that the entire worlds is going mobile and using Mobile devices like iDevices or Android phones or Tablets.

    Anti-computing standards means Microsoft said, you need to learn how to use Windows 8 because they put one user interface on all Windows devices and in future, get rid of desktop on Windows Operating System when they treat P.C. Sales as usage. Treating computer sales as usage is not okay, my laptop is two years old and I never had any problems or motherboard failures with my new laptop even if I had to learn how to use that computer again.

    Microsoft is leading us to death of convergence over next couple of years because they were the first companies to get rid of desktop friendly experience.

    I believe that Anti-computing standards is making computing not user friendly on desktops just because we have more devices in our home.

    I’m posting this response on my iPad Mini which i had for few months because I’m heading back home from two day trip our family wanted to go. I use using my mobile device to do some of my computing when I’m on a road trip, I only use my laptop when I had to do more homework or do computing tasks for longer periods of time or if my iPad needs to be charged.

    I hope Microsoft restores convergence and innovates on inner-connected world than create death of multi-screen era where all devices have one user interface.

    I would love to give Microsoft a “Death or multi-screen” and “Anti-convergence” era award for making Windows 8 have one sized fits all approach. The only problem I have with Microsoft is a company that is being confusing to our family members on traditional desktop/laptop computers with one sized fits all approach and anti-multi device policies which came when Microsoft saw P.C. sales slowing growth, computers lasting longer and more people having more devices in their home.

  20. Carl Mastromarino | Aug 10, 2014, 3:41 pm at 3:41 pm |

    Hey, F.CK OFF, you stupid nerd!

  21. MIcrosoft wasn’t around in the ’70s, they were in the early ’80s but they didn’t introduce Windows TaskManager until like 1992 or so. So you full of shit pal.

  22. Thing is I did not mind windows 8.1, but I did find myself never even touching the “charms” menu. I pinned all my programs I used frequently to the taskbar, and have not switched to the “start menu” since. Pretty much used windows 8.1 like I did windows 7. I do find that windows 8 is more stable and much faster then 7 though, so overall the os is a good change but, had no use for the “start menu”. As for looking for programs installed that has been more of a hassle. Feels more like a mac where you have to dive into “hundreds” of folders to find something. The pre windows 8 start menu was a well organized system, so I am happy that they will bring that back as it was much faster to find programs that are not as frequently used with a start menu vs a massive list of icons.

  23. Planetcide Madness | Aug 10, 2014, 1:45 pm at 1:45 pm |

    I can’t believe people still use this archaic bloatware.

  24. Back in about the late 70’s early 80’s I heard the same things, only it was SCO Xenix, also based on unix. Even Dell jumped on it as did Microsoft themselves, many of the big software packages of the day, came out with Xenix versions, yes, it was going to be the one. While was installed in many offices, one place it did last was in the Point of Sale industry, a number of restaurant POS system were based on, but I think they too are all gone now. After that it was Novell, ah yes here we had a clear winner, then Wang, another clear winner. And now years later the dust has settled, and the only one left running and being sold is MS Windows.

  25. Your an idiot.

  26. I’m a hater. I revel in it. I hate liberals and liberalism. I hate homosexuality (the act not the people). I hate Windows 8. I love Windows 7. This rant was brought to you by the individualt who labeled someone here a “hater” because they didn’t agree with them about Windows. Typical with the loser left: when you have nothing of substance label your opponent a racist, homophobe, or hater and move on because you have nothing else.

  27. And in twenty years, still unable to put together an original intelligent thought of your own, you will still be using copy and paste to add your voice.

  28. So I take it you have nothing to do with a computer other than sit and look at it. The Start Screen, just like the start menu is only shown till you select a program to run, then both disappear. Since once I turn my PC on, I tends to be working on something ( that is why it is on ) I don’t spend a lot of time staring at the menu.
    So try this, next time it bother you click something and at least pretend you are doing something.

  29. people just love wasting money on a os which slows down and has virus maleware

    reinstalls and gigabytes of updates when fresh installing

  30. Carl Mastromarino | Aug 10, 2014, 12:25 pm at 12:25 pm |

    Windows 7 works just great, so no need to upgrade. But thank God if we have to the start menu is back, Windows 8 looked like a giant turd!

  31. what are anti-computing standards… thats stupid, and in fact it’s all MS that made them in the first place.

  32. NOT A WINDOWS HATER 1 % wised up to the BS

  33. you are funny…. linux is a joke and will never be more than 3% on desktops. And if you look it’s loosing share in server space too…. sorry hater

  34. not… people will buy the next thing they make or upgrade.. It’s not a phone..

  35. lie about what? are you on crack… you do know it’s better than most at hacking

  36. No, people are not going with Linux mint at all, only one percent of the internet users use linux based operating systems. I went to Walmart and saw their computers they were selling and they were all based on Microsoft, not linux at all.

    Only problem I had was I had to teach my family members how to use Windows 8 because Microsoft started to realize nobody owns desktop or laptop computers which was a complete lie.

    I said that if Windows 9 meets anti-computing standards, I would either go with mac or use linux by choosing a working distribution and coding if there is any problems on my machine.

    You are only a hater

  37. in 20 years Microsoft will still be telling us the same lie: Windows 24! NOW we’ve finally got a version which can’t be hacked and it’s much easier to use than that last Windows 23 version.

  38. The worst problems of Windows 9 is going to be it’s cost and short time until updates. MicroSoft is betting that their user interface is so unique that people will continue to use it regardless of their monkey shines. But my opinion is that they are slowing killing their market and someone else will replace them.


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