Windows 9: Notification Center Is Coming

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is scrambling to put the final pieces together in Windows 9 before the company releases technical preview of its new OS on September 30. With all the rumored features, Windows 9, code named Threshold, will be a major overhaul. It will have an improved taskbar, a full-fledged Start Menu, OneDrive integration, Cortana, virtual desktops, and other features.

Windows 9 will indeed get notification center

Ever since Microsoft introduced notification center to Windows Phone, there have been consistent rumors that the Windows 9 could also get the feature. Now, Neowin has learned from its reliable sources that notification center will indeed make its way to Threshold. In the latest builds of the new OS is a notification center that works as a central hub to highlight notifications.

The website says that, in its current form, the feature launches from the system tray. Notifications are grouped by the apps they come from. Unlike Windows Phone, the notification center in Windows 9 doesn’t take over the entire screen. Instead, notifications appear in a fixed size window, which pops up in the center of the display.

Windows 9 notification center currently has no advanced functionality

Since the size of the windows is fixed, you have to scroll up and down if there is a long list of notifications. There is a button to quickly clear all the notifications with just one click. You can also clear them one by one. The background of the window is white with a clean and sleek design. The current iteration of notification center is very basic. It doesn’t have any advanced functionality such as shortcut to feature settings. Microsoft is likely to add more features to it going forward.

Last week, Microsoft’s Chinese unit accidentally revealed that Windows 9 preview will be unveiled soon. In a social networking post, it also mentioned the name “Windows 9,” confirming the recent rumors. However, recent reports suggest that the next-gen OS could be called just “Windows” as Microsoft may drop the numbering.

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