Windows 10: Things Gamers Should Know

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With Microsoft preparing to launch the much vaunted Windows 10, gamers are already wondering how to get the best out of the operating system. Microsoft is already promoting the fact that Windows 10 is the best operating system it has ever produced, and considering that it has also stated that it will be the last ever fully-fledged version of Windows, this would certainly be a necessity for the software giant.

Windows 10 – gaming features

One of the most interesting new aspects of Windows 10 is its integration with Xbox and support for DirectX 12. These two new elements are expected to deliver a significant impact on gaming, with the updates promising to improve gaming performance by as much as 50 percent. The proof will be very much in the pudding with this particular aspect of Windows 10, but this proposal will certainly be encouraging for those who consider PC gaming to be the ultimate form of video gaming.

Windows 10 also promises to deliver a unified shopping experience across multiple devices with the new Windows Store. Users will reportedly be able to easily browse and purchase various Microsoft products from the store, such as games, apps, movies, music and TV shows. It is clear that Microsoft has considered the niche that Windows 10 is aimed at quite diligently, and it certainly appears to be an operating system that will appeal to gamers.

But just because Windows 10 offers these new gaming features does not necessarily mean that all PC users should automatically upgrade. There are several aspects to take into consideration before making the leap to the new software, so here are some of the video gaming aspects of Windows 10 that gamers should take into consideration.

Keeping informed

Microsoft firstly advises people considering an upgrade to Windows 10 to keep informed with all of the new features of the software. Although Microsoft has repeatedly claimed that this is the greatest ever operating system that it has produced, users would still be advised to locate as much information about Windows 10 as possible and consider the consequences of it. Microsoft attempts to provide information regarding the specifications required to run on Windows 10, but the experiences of other users are always valuable.

System requirements

It is essential to check that your particular machine meets the system requirements of Windows 10. Installing the operating system and finding out that it will not run adequately on your particular setup will certainly be irritating, and this is something that gamers should definitely avoid. It is important to note that there are different system requirements depending on the particular device that you are utilizing, but these can be checked online quite easily.

DirectX 12 and the Xbox

Gamers will certainly reflect on the exciting new features that Windows 10 is delivering. According to Microsoft, DirectX 12 will produce high-end graphics and can improve performance of your games, even without hardware upgrades. Thus, Microsoft asserts that Windows 10 will fundamentally improve the PC gaming experience. And considering that the latest Windows upgrade will also feature a new Xbox application, there will be a variety of new ways for players to connect and play with existing systems.

Among the interesting features included in Windows 10 is the compatibility of the Xbox Game DVR, with cross-device multiplayer accessibility and Xbox One game streaming to a Windows 10 PC. It will also be possible for users to utilize Xbox controllers on the PC by purchasing the wireless adapter that is already available.

Hardware drivers

Hardware manufacturers have already produced a wide range of drivers that are said to be compatible with Windows 10. But there are undoubtedly many items of hardware that are yet to be fully compatible with the new operating system. Before installing a new version of Windows, users can establish whether drivers that they wish to utilize our compatible with the software. This will ensure that hardware stability remains intact.


In order to ensure smooth gaming, Microsoft has advised users to archive their files and create a backup copy of their system. On Windows 10, this can be achieved via an external hard drive, or by uploading any important files to OneDrive. Microsoft also offers a wide variety of support pages for Windows 10 that provide more information on keeping files safe, just in case you are unsure about this process.

Games and apps

A key aspect of Windows 10 is the new Windows Store, and this will definitely deliver a wide range of new applications and games. New Windows 10 users will unquestionably want to browse the Windows store, as many new games and apps are coming to Windows 10. The Minecraft franchise has already announced a Windows 10 version, and other major software developers will follow suit in the coming weeks. Microsoft may even offer discounts to get people on board with this hub as quickly as possible.

There is also an unofficial community list that can assist you with the question of whether older PC titles will be compatible with this new Windows software.


Finally, we have all experienced problems with computers at some point, regardless of our particular level of competence, thus seeking technical expertise can often be critical. Gamers in particular my experience questions before, during and after the Windows 10 installation process. So before you begin upgrading, it is valuable to know how to acquire assistance should something go awry during the installation process.

Firstly, the Windows Community Forum is a wealth of useful information, and it is worthwhile for all Windows 10 gamers to bookmark the forum before attempting to install the new operating system. Additionally, if you need any further help during installation, Microsoft will offer chat support on July 29, When Windows 10 is released, that should ensure that all users are able to install and run the new software without hindrance.

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