Lego Introduces ‘Lego Worlds’ To Compete With ‘Minecraft’

Lego Introduces ‘Lego Worlds’ To Compete With ‘Minecraft’

Lego wants to inspire imaginations offline and online. The popular toy maker just introduced Lego Worlds, a block building game inspired by online favorite MinecraftLego Worlds is currently available as a beta version, and interested gamers must pay a fee of $15 for early access. Players can build new worlds and explore pre-made worlds. A final version of the game will debut next year. The game uses blocks as building components. It also comes with characters and automobiles to enhance the game. The final version will likely come with an online mode and even more blocks.

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Lego Worlds vs. Minecraft

The one notable difference with Lego Worlds compared to Minecraft is that it is more of a creative game rather than survival. This game also features special tools enabling players to change the landscape. Gamers need special mods to do the same with Minecraft.

Minecraft is a favorite among online games for children available on the internet. This game won’t be the first time Lego tried its hand at virtual worlds. Years ago, the company created the short-lived Lego Universe game. The main problem with the game was that creations had to be vetted to calm down concerned parents who wanted to protect their children. There is no word on whether the new Lego Worlds game will escape the same fate and remain a long-lasting staple.

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Anticipation for Lego Worlds

Daniel Goldberg, (co-author of Minecraft, a book about the successful growth of Minecraft), wonders what took Lego so long to develop a game like Minecraft. He also thinks the toy company should have created Minecraft a decade ago, and Lego agrees. Last year, the toy company’s marketing director, David Gram, admitted that they wished they had created the popular online game.

TT Games’ managing director, Tom Stone, added that the new game will provide a similar brick building experience on a digital platform. Like the toy maker’s traditional playsets, the digital version will appeal to children and adults alike.

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