Which iPhone 6 Color Scheme Would Best Suit You?

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Pre-orders of the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus started Friday, ahead of the most hotly awaited technology release of 2014.

The iPhone 6 will hit the High Street on September 19, and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans have already begun to bombard the corporation with requests for this flagship device.

But while purchasers of the iPhone 6 have a major decision to make with regard to which model of the device to plump for, another consideration for iPhone 6 buyers is what color to purchase the phone in.

The color of the new iPhone can give it a visually distinctive and personal quality. One color might particularly appeal to one person, while another may consider it to be distinctly unattractive.

Three options are available for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, namely silver and gold, silver and white, and space gray and black.

So which color scheme should you opt for with your iPhone 6 pre-order? Here are a few factors to consider.

iPhone 6 Faceplates

The first element to consider is that both the gold/white and silver/white iPhone 6 devices have been given white faceplates.

This means that users will primarily see white when looking at the screens of these particular iPhone 6 models.

This is obviously a departure from the usual approach to screen borders. It is not for no reason that television sets are almost without exception bordered by dark colors.

Light colors can attract people’s eyes away from the screen, and this sensation could be magnified by the fact that we are all accustomed to see dark colors around displays.

On the other hand, this isn’t entirely new for the iPhone, given that white and silver versions of the iPhone five were available, along with a white and gold iPhone 5S.

Many people used these without any particular difficulty, but if you are new to white faceplates then it would perhaps make sense to try before you buy.

UV protection and Discoloration

There has been speculation that the iPhone 6 was delayed in order to improve its UV protection to prevent long-term discoloration.

This has apparently been achieved, so there should be no problems with any of the models in this regard.

So this is a consideration that should not really influence your iPhone 6 color decision.

Color Communication

Historically, black has been the most popular choice for consumer electronics. The reason that it hasn’t been prominent in the recent iPhone series, and again will be not part of the iPhone 6 color provisions, is that it is extremely difficult to anodize.

This is the reason that the iPhone 6 will not embrace black as a color.

So with white forming a major aspect of more than one iPhone color system, this is an interesting notion as most people are accustomed to darker colors.

White iPhones suggest that the color element will become a majorly distinctive element of the handset, whereas dark phones tend to be more generic by their very nature.

By the same token, gold obviously has major connotations. It certainly conveys an aura of prosperity and high-quality, but on the other hand could be considered tacky and gratuitously ostentatious by some.

Of course, Apple has done an excellent job of ensuring that the gold color scheme of the iPhone is particularly restrained and refined, so in fact the gold color scheme iPhone 6 could appeal to those who relish a subtle design.

Wear and Tear

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both have an aluminum unibody. However, on the iPhones which possess a silver aspect, the aluminium is clear-coated and not otherwise treated.

This effectively means that scratches and chips will be less noticeable. By contrast, the space grey iPhone 6 has been anodized, which means that scratches and chips will be far more visible in an array of lighting conditions.

Of course, it is difficult to maintain the iPhone in its original condition throughout its life-cycle.

Ultimately, it is not merely an ornament, and extensive use of an iPhone will surely result in some minor damage sooner or later. So many consumers may not be overly concerned with this aspect of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 5 and its slate and black facade showed up damage a lot more than the current color scheme, which is purportedly the reason that Apple has opted for the color options available for the iPhone 6.

However, if wear and tear remains the major issue for you then the white models of the device would seem to be preferable.


The color of an iPhone 6 may in fact be Half minimal concern to many buyers, as the device will be locked away in a case for large parts of its life.

In this regard, selecting a case which suits the iPhone 6 color scheme will be of equal importance to the device itself.

In this respect, the more neutral iPhone colors may benefit more from being encased, as the white iPhone 6 is particularly striking.

Opting for the space gray and black iPhone

The most obvious group of people to select this particular iPhone 6 color scheme would be those who watch a lot of video, and absolutely do not want to be distracted.

Opting for the silver and white iPhone 6

This model of the iPhone 6 has practical qualities, being less vulnerable to damage. At the same time, it is pretty striking, so represents a halfway house between the two other designs.

Opting for the gold and white iPhone 6

The gold and white iPhone 6 is the most ostentatious of the three, and will consequently suit the extroverts among us.

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