Apple Inc. Unannounced iPhone 6 In Gold Can Be Pre-Ordered Now

Apple Inc. Unannounced iPhone 6 In Gold Can Be Pre-Ordered Now
ElisaRiva / Pixabay

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) unannounced iPhone 6 can now be pre-ordered in 24-carat gold or platinum from manufacturer of luxury accessories Brikk. The official rollover of the much awaited phone will most probably be in September.

Hefty price tag for customized iPhone 6

Images of the Brikk customized iPhone 6 look similar to the previous photo leaks. These smartphones carry a price tag ranging from $4,495 for plated handsets to $8,395 for a model with Apple logo covered in diamonds. Those interested can also, get their phone coated in Pink Gold, besides Yellow gold and platinum finish.

Buyers can reserve the phone by paying $500 for the iPhone with 4.7” display and 128 GB built-in memory. Brikk would supposedly deliver the phones in 3-4 weeks after its official launch. According to the reports, Apple might debut its 128GB storage capacitated iPhone and bid farewell to the 16GB variant.

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