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What If?

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History is filled with what can be termed, “what if moments.” What if the assassin, John Wilkes Booth, had not fatally wounded President Abraham Lincoln in Ford’s Theater? What if Hitler had gotten the atomic bomb before we did? What if a full recount of Florida ballots ascertained that Al Gore beat George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election?

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The Events Concerning Ukraine

Let me pose the same question for events centering on Ukraine over the last few weeks. What if Donald Trump were our president instead of Joe Biden? Please take a bit of time to think about that.

Would Vladimir Putin’s “lap dog” have finally stood up to his master? Would the president who had alienated many of our NATO allies now be rallying them to impose stringent economic sanctions against Russia if she were to attack Ukraine?

Admittedly, Joe Biden is no ball of fire, but he has not just decades of foreign policy experience, but also the ability to rally our NATO allies against Putin’s expansionist ambitions. What measures do you think President Trump would have been taking now?

A Wartime President

During the rapid spread of COVID in early 2020, Trump touted himself as a “wartime president.” A former draft-dodger who regularly disparaged those who had died in the service of our nation, Trump ‘s sole military objective was apparently to have parades held in his honor.

Amazingly, he regularly boasted that he knew much more about military strategy than even his top military advisors. In fact, he acquired that great store of information by spending a large part of his day watching Fox News where military experts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity held court.

Just three years ago, President Trump tried to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid from Ukraine unless President Volodymyr Zelensky dug up dirt  about Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. If Trump were still president, how well do you think another “perfect phone call” would have gone?