Warren Buffett CNBC Interview May 6th 2013 [VIDEO]

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Warren Buffett CNBC Interview May 6th 2013 [VIDEO]

Warren Buffett was on CNBC for three hours this morning. Below we are embedding all the videos and computer transcripts where available. If you are reading this before 10AM or so check back since we will be adding more content as the videos become available.

Warren Buffett Interview

Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, chairman & CEO, explains why he supports Jamie Dimon as CEO and chairman at JPMorgan. Also, Buffett delves into the deal to acquire Heinz.; expresses his views on record levels in the markets, and Fed interest rate policies

Warren Buffett tells CNBC’s Becky Quick that stock indexes will go a “lot higher” in her lifetime and advises investors not to pay so much attention to short-term moves.

i know that you’re not somebody who looks at the market averages on a daily basis or cares about any of these things. but when you start seeing the trend that we’ve been seeing, which is almost a straight march up, it seems like we’re hitting new highs almost every day and that’s the type of thing that catches main street’s attention. you’ve got a lot of individual investors who are sitting around wondering if they’ve missed everything, if they should get back in, if it’s too late, if they’ve missedhetrain. what would you tell those people who are sitting at home wondering what the oracle of omaha thinks about — well, they should pay more attention to the milestones on the down side. that’s when the stocks are getting cheaper. that’s when stocks are going on sale. what i can remember when it was a big time when the dow cost 100 and — and i surely remember well — i mean, a thousand, that wamagi so in my lifetime and certainly in your lifetime, you know, you will see markets go far higher than that. the retention of earnings by americans, it will cost stocks to go higher over time. we’re not getting everything out of stocks in terms of the dividends they pay compared to the earnings. retention builds it up the it’s like having a savings account and you only took out part of the interest, your savings account would grow. i don’t get too concerned about it given the levels. you will see numbers a lot higher than this in your lifetime, becky. you know, i know you watch

Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, chairman & CEO, shares his strategy on investing in European stocks; and

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