Warren Buffett And Charlie Munger – Success Tips

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Success tips from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger in which they tell what is easier for them that’s more difficult for most people.

Warren Buffett And Charlie Munger – Success Tips


Remember that it’s not real yet. In other words you talk about prodigy. What it takes to extend the boundaries of physics. Neither of us has how. We have learned how to outperform people who are a lot smarter.

Than we can’t play top notch chess. No we can’t now. But we know how to do what we do. But the other great secret. Is that. We’re good at lifelong learning. Warren is so much better. In some ways in his 70s and 80s than he was younger. It’s almost awesome. If you keep learning all the time you have a huge advantage. And we both just like it and we have a wonderful group of friends. Really wonderful from whom we can learn a lot.

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