Warren Buffett Advice: How To Grow A Business – Secret Millionaires Club

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Warren Buffett and The Secret Millionaires Club Team help save and grow the Local Pizza Business.

Warren Buffett Advice: How To Grow A Business – Secret Millionaires Club

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You seem pretty busy Lisa.

You know if you have too many things to do it's hard to balance them all. I think about that Mr. Buffett. When I have more time.

Make me look buff.

Take the picture.

Lisa my cheeks are beginning to cramp.

Backgrounds too busy. Let's try something else.

I'm really sorry but I must get back to work.

And I'm all smiles out.

Not me. I look good.

OK forget it. Thanks Mr. Aaron. We'll run our feet off for your pledge.

It's a wonderful charity. I'll be there to cheer you on.

That's 8 owners Mr. Buffett. All pledging for Jones, Lisa and me to jog for them.

Terrific. What about you Lisa.

I don't have a single picture for the photo contest and the deadline is Sunday.

I'm talking about raising money for the Feedathon charity.

Right. Sorry. I've been so busy I forgot.

Your hard drive must be full.

Isnt it your softball pactice coming up?

Uh oh.

Yeah on Sunday.

And the Feedathon is when?

Sunday plus home work, I need to set more alarms.

Lisa with too many jobs to do. You're not going to be good in any of them.

I'm fine. Everything's under control. Sorry Mr. Buffett. Math homework.

I deserve more banners.

Welcome to [inaudible]. I am Enzo owner and your chef.

All right.

Excuse me didn't come to eat.

You will change your minds. Enzo creates the finest food of the city.

Breadstick my buddy.

Human food.

Guys we here on business.

Almost finished. Tell Mr. Enzo about our project.

We're asking businesses to pledge with a Feedathon charity. They deliver groceries to the needy.

Yes they have served this neighborhood for years.

You must be from around here.

I'm born and raised on 7th street. I left years ago and learned to be a chef in Europe and worked in New York. But I recently moved back to open this restaurant.

Must be nice to see your old friends.

No time to see them yet. I've been too busy opening the restaurant. I know if I work harder. I can fill this place with customers. That is my hope.

You know Mr. Enzo we have a friend. You might be able to help you get more business and free up more time.

To do that. He'd have to be a magician.

Oh he is. Abraka-business.

Abraka-business? I like that expression Jones but there's nothing magical about having a successful business. As for Enoz, there are a number of ways to bring in customers. Lisa?

Sorry Mr. Buffett come back to me later.

One way to get more customers has got to be where.


No, where?

Nowhere? How does that help?

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