Some Might Call It Treason

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Former Vice President Joseph Biden’s family has had far more than its fair share of tragedy, so it’s completely understandable that he would do whatever he could to help his children. His younger son, Hunter, has apparently been the prime beneficiary of his father’s beneficence.

A public servant for virtually his entire adult life, Joe Biden did not become wealthy until he finally left his last government job two and a half years ago and  begin raking the big bucks, mainly from giving speeches to corporate groups very interested in hearing his wise words.

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But Hunter has long benefited from his dad’s governmental connections, landing job after job without displaying any apparent aptitude or skills set. Indeed, aside from somehow getting through Yale Law School, his most outstanding accomplishment was securing and then holding on to these jobs while indulging a heavy cocaine habit.

Vice President Biden, his son, and the Ukraine

Surely, his ability to find lucrative work had a lot more to do with his dad’s connections than his own work ethic. This would ultimately lead to a $50,000-a- month directorship with a Ukrainian natural gas company controlled by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch (forgive the redundancy).

When Vice President Biden visited Ukraine and demanded that the prosecutor who was investigating the company be fired for corruption or else military aid would continue to be withheld, he may well have gone far over the line to further his son’s career. In fact, he may have put his own personal interests ahead of the interests of the United States.

President Donald Trump, who apparently fears Biden more than any other potential presidential opponent in 2020, definitely has a case in questioning the former Vice President’s actions in withholding U.S. aid. But then he himself went ahead and did pretty much what he accused Biden of doing.

Days before Trump had a “perfect pitch” phone conversation with the new president of Ukraine, he ordered a hold on a military aid package.   But when Trump got on the phone with the Ukrainian president, he may have done exactly what he accused Joe Biden of doing – threatening to continue withholding that aid unless his Ukrainian counterpart launched an investigation of Biden’s actions.

Some of us might call that the epitome of chutzpah, while others might call it treason.

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