5 most fast-growing UK Cities with the best job opportunities

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The United Kingdom is awash with job opportunities aplenty, but when you couple that with fast-growing cities, you happen to stumble across a winning combination. Nowadays, finding a job in a place which is on the up is vital, as this can lead to further opportunities in both personal and work life.


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Manchester, where the economy is concerned, this vibrant city ranks only second to London in the whole of the UK. Therefore it’s seen as the place to be, even for big companies such as the BBC and ITV, who have relocated to Manchester. With the city thriving, it will come as no surprise to learn that growth in jobs is on the up, and there’s even been a slight move away from manufacturing, the industry for which the city is renowned. In fact according to Jobrapido, there is now a focus on technology, IT and electronics; making this a city full of opportunities for everyone.


Sheffield, another northern city and one which is fast on the heels of Manchester in many respects. The number of job opportunities has increased year on year, and like Manchester, Sheffield is also a city shedding its industrial past. The Steel City is now known for opportunities both in public and private sectors, with customer service, retail and IT roles top of the bill. Average salaries in Sheffield exceed 30k, which is fantastic.


Brighton proved to be the top UK city for finding a job in 2018, and it’s continuing in the same vein in 2019 too. The seaside town on the south coast is the perfect place for people looking for opportunities in technology, gaming, design, digital and marketing. What elevates Brighton is, of course, its location, with the work-life balance perfect in a city which has a bit of everything.


An entry for Scotland on this list, and like the other cities mentioned, Glasgow is a place that is on the up in a big way. Businesses in the city right now are booming, and as a direct result, so are employment opportunities. There are thousands of jobs available in Glasgow, with the tech, business and financial sectors providing the bulk of them. Scotland is more than holding its own right now, with Glasgow continuing to thrive, and Edinburg isn’t too far behind either. Proving there are plenty of opportunities north of the border.


Birmingham’s recognised as the UK’s second city, and while that tag is now under threat from the likes of Manchester, it continues to impress on the job front. Job vacancies continue to rise in the West Midlands, with traditional industries such as engineering and manufacturing flourishing. Birmingham is, however, a progressive city, and now there are more opportunities than ever before in other sectors too, such as law, retail and creative. The battle to be the UK’s second city is on, and this can only be a good thing for those seeking new opportunities.

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