UFO Hunters Believe Ancient Tank On Moon Is A Sign Of Alien War

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Alien hunters have claimed to find evidence of an alien tank – asserting that this recent discovery is a suggestion that these extraterrestrials at preparing for war.

While s lot of our motivation behind discovering alien life is from an intellectual and curiosity standpoint, there are also more practical reasons to keep an eye on potential alien life, and if this image is truly a view of an alien tank it’s clear that these conspiracy theorists’ efforts to stay in the loop might have paid off.

YouTuber SecureTeam10 was responsible for uploading the footage which he claims shows evidence of an alien tank and perhaps some sort of precursor to an extraterrestrial war.

After viewing the video which we’ve included below, alien enthusiasts made the conclusion that this alien tank is a sign that extraterrestrials have been intercepting our communications and may be on the path towards war.

It’s important to not put too much stock in this discovery, however. While there’s certainly a possibility that the footage shown in the YouTube video is some sort of alien tank, it’s pretty unlikely that we’ve missed this evidence for so long – although some conspiracy theorists insist that the egovernment has been well-aware of the existence of aliens for quite some time and have taken steps to obscure the tr ugh and ensure that the public doesn’t learn of this situation.

The footage that SecureTeam10 uploaded includes an image captured by the NASA observatory that he claims shows evidence of an alien tank. The uploader claims to have not altered the image rather than enhancing colors and zooming in to increase the visibility for viewers, but even with these enhancements it’s not exactly damning evidence that an alien tank actually exists.

“It very well could be just an oddly shaped boulder, but I want you guys to notice the artificial nature of it. If look at an actual tank from a bird’s eye view, you’ll see the tank and the turret on top, and this exhibits very similar features to the tanks that we see on Earth,” said the YouTuber.

The video showing the alien tank has spread across social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook and over one million people have taken a look at the evidence to date.

While this may be the most recent evidence thats conspiracy theorists point to when it comes to the suggestion of alien war, there have been a number of instances previously that a theorists claim adds even more evidence tha. This picture of an alien tank.

Relatively recently, a man claimed that he witnessed a giant UFO or alien mothership as well as severa smaller spacecraft moving at an incredibly high speed over Bristol. He stated that the UFO was gigantic and around the size of two or three football fields, making many wonder if we would be seriously outgunned by an alien tank and other equipment of war.

A UFO researcher has also recently claimed that the had sported two mysterious crafts on the lunar surface as well, potentially placing evidence of alien involvement dangerously close to Earth. George Graham, a Scottish UFO researcher, claimed to find evidence of the UFOs while analyzing footage obtained by Chinese lunar probe Chang’e 3. One mysterious object looked like an alien while another looked like a flying saucer hiding behind a rock.

All in all, it’s next to impossible to determine whether this alien tank is actually evidence of extraterrestrial activity or if it’s just another case of image analysis gone wrong. With many people so despite to find evidence of alien life, many are quick to point out evidence like an alien tank when it might not be much at all.

Whether aliens are preparing for war or if they’re still far removed from our society remains to be seen, but the evidence is certainly not conclusive enough to get worked up over.

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