New Moon Image Shows Evidence Of Alien Life

New Moon Image Shows Evidence Of Alien Life
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

A new video is making the rounds online that has the conspiracy community convinced that there is evidence of alien life on the moon after all.

The YouTube channel StreetCap1 has a long history of uploading both images and videos that seem to show anomalies in the lunar surface – and this most recent video seems to show a saucer-shaped object that many are convinced is evidence of alien life on the moon. UFOlogist and conspiracy theorist George Graham believes that this image – shot by Lunar Orbiter-3 – adds more evidence of alien life to a pile of many images that conspiracy theorists believe lift the veil on this obscured topic.

StreetCap1 has an incredibly large following of space enthusiasts looking for evidence of alien life, and his videos are extremely popular – with this most recent release being no exception. With thousands of people watching and sharing the evidence of alien life across social media, it’s clear that many believe this to be conclusive proof that we’re not alone out there after all.

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The video “Huge Spacecraft in Lunar Orbiter 3 Photograph” is included below

As you can see from the video, there are a number of people trying to figure out what exactly the structure in the lunar crater could be and whether or not it’s actually evidence of alien life. As is expected, there’s a decent amount of debate in the comments with naysayers dismissing the video outright while others remain convinced that this is, indeed, an alien saucer. The supposed saucer features perfectly smooth edges and windows-shaped structures inside it – causing people to connect it to a space shuttle that had a similar shape, but others still insist that it is evidence of alien life as a ship photographed by the Lunar Orbiter 3.

According to one YouTube commenter, NASA has been covering up any evidence of alien life for years at this point and never provides an adequate explanation for these sorts of sightings. Like many conspiracy theorists, the commenter believes that NASA is hiding evidence that we’re not alone in the universe but is keeping the information under wrap. Others still believe the moon landing was fake, and some believe the reason we haven’t returned to the moon after the Apollo and Gemini missions is because we were warned by aliens not to return. NASA has stated numerous times that they had found no evidence of alien life on the moon, but there is a significant portion of people who believe that there is evidence of alien life after all – and this recent discovery just adds another potential avenue for proving that.

It’s important to note that the image featured in this video isn’t new, as it was released by NASA back in 1967 when the Lunar Orbiter 3 was originally sent to the lunar surface to photograph it – allowing researchers to determine the best landing site for the Apollo, Surveyor, and other missions. George Graham took a look at the images available and stumbled across the one discussed in the video above – showing the anomaly that many believe is conclusive evidence of alien life.

This video is controversial to say the last, but this is far from the first time that Graham has sparked controversy – far from it, in fact. With thousands of subscribers and millions of views on his videos, he makes a business out of finding strange images and leaving it up to the viewer to decide whether this is truly good enough evidence to convince them of the existence of extraterrestrials.

It’s important to take any image such as the one in the video with a grain of salt, because it’s certainly not a cut and dry situation. While there’s definitely a possibility that this anomaly could be something we haven’t seen before, there’s likely a more realistic explanation than a lunar saucer being hidden inside one of the many images that NASA has captured of the lunar surface over the past few decades. There’s no doubt that NASA hasn’t revealed literally everything they’ve found, but the suggestion that they’re hiding evidence of alien life is a shaky suggestion at best.

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