Trump Is Not the Only Problem

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It is far past the time when President Donald Trump should have provided convincing proof that the presidential election was indeed rigged against him. After losing more than four dozen lawsuits in state and federal courts, he was told each time that his claims were without merit.

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Investigating The "Massive Voter Fraud"

As president, Trump has had at his disposal, not just the investigative resources of the Justice Department and the FBI, but also of a multitude of other federal agencies that surely could have ferreted out the massive voter fraud that he continues to claim had taken place. If they had turned up any evidence that the election had been rigged, why hasn’t Trump let the rest of us in on this important news?

The time has long passed for him to have put up or shut up.

Because he cannot admit – even to himself – that he has lost the election, Trump is putting our nation through a political trauma that is threatening our democratic form of government. Obviously, this is of little concern to him – or, apparently, to the vast majority of his followers. In fact, most Republican voters – without seeing any proof – continue to believe that the election was fixed.

Well before Trump arrived on the political scene, they had lost faith on our democratic form of government, which they believed was run by rich and well-educated elites, who looked down their noses at the unwashed masses – the real Americans. Trump, himself, shared their sense of grievance, and their rallies were a great outlet for all of them to vent.

The Liberal Elite Socialists

Their enemy – the liberal elite socialists -- if unchecked, would hand their beloved country over to illegal immigrants, minorities, gays, and welfare freeloaders. They would take away their guns and their personal freedom, and continue shipping their jobs overseas.

Think about it: If the results of our elections can’t be trusted, then why bother holding them? Had Trump succeeded in clinging to power after losing this election, he would have continued being president as long as he wanted. After all, since the results of democratically held election can’t be trusted, why bother holding them?

In fact, in this last election, Trump and his allies certainly made a valiant effort to thwart Democratic voters by making it as difficult as possible to vote by mail, place ballots in drop boxes, or vote early in minority neighborhoods.

While Trump should bear much of the blame, the real problem is that most of his followers are stupid and ignorant enough to be easily duped by false political prophets. After Trump is gone, most of his followers will still be with us, ready to follow the next aspiring autocrat.