Put Up or Shut Up!

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It is far past the time for former President Donald Trump and his craven followers to provide whatever proof they have that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

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Trump And His Followers Brought Lawsuits Against The Election Officials

They certainly made their best effort in the months immediately following the election, bringing dozens of lawsuits against the election officials of the states that Trump lost by less than two percent of the vote. Virtually all of their cases were thrown – or even laughed – out of court for lack of evidence.

Trump himself did supply the logic for their challenges. Months before the election, he proclaimed that the only way he could possibly lose was if the election were stolen from him.

In fact, just days before November 3rd, he provided his most persuasive case predicting possible voter fraud. He accurately forecast that when the initial returns were counted – largely votes that were cast in person on Election Day – he would be in the lead. But then, as mail-in absentee ballots flooded in, the tide might turn, and Biden would take the lead.

And that’s just what did happen. Clearly, a somewhat higher percentage of people who voted early or by mail were more likely to vote for Joe Biden than for Donald Trump. But Trump did have an edge among those who voted in person on Election Day – and those votes were counted first.

Voter Fraud

So, when Biden surged into the lead, just as Trump predicted he might, the president immediately yelled, “Voter fraud!” Over the next few days, as Biden’s margin of victory began to approach seven million votes, Trump and his supporters were increasingly convinced that the election was being stolen from him.

So, who stole the election? There were two sets of villains – the state and local election officials – many of whom were Republicans – and the manufacturers of the voting machines, who programed them to convert millions of Trump votes into Biden votes.

And yet, dozens of Republican Senate and House candidates not only outpolled Trump in their states and districts, but they won their own races, while Trump lost many of his. That appears to constitute rather sophisticated election fraud.

Trump and his followers have bonded through their deep-felt sense of grievance. “We were robbed!” Biden could not possibly have won even if he did receive seven million more votes than Trump! Any evidence to the contrary must be “fake news.”

So why don’t Trump and his followers put up or shut up? They can’t put up because hey have no evidence of election fraud. And they can’t shut up because if they stopped grieving about Biden’s stolen electoral victory, they’d have nothing left to give them political sustenance.