Top WordPress Plugins That Every Business Must Use In 2019

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Are you thinking of adding more power and versatility to your business site? You could have access to thousands of brilliant WordPress tools and plugins for boosting your business website. There are so many options that choosing the right one could prove to be overwhelming.

As per, we understand that there are more than 50,000 WordPress plugins presently available in the existing official directory and new plugins are constantly being added almost every day. With such an extensive collection, it could be pretty challenging to identify the right WordPress plugins for boosting your business website. Let us explore some of the most popular and versatile WordPress plugins that would do wonders to your business website.

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WordPress software helps users in creating a free website without using any programming. This could be possible thanks to the availability of over 50,000 WordPress plugins that could be easily downloaded from the official WordPress Plug-in Directory. These brilliant plugins help in enhancing your business websites with added functions and features. All these plugins have been designed for eliminating the need for the services of a professional programmer and reducing the expenses of creating your business website from scratch.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best and popular WordPress plugins. It is supposed to be the most effective solution for enhancing your on-site SEO. You could come across a free version that offers the basics like content readability, keyword optimization, and also, Google page previews. However, it is actually in the app’s premium version where amazing powers are unlocked.

If you wish to grab adequate attention, it is essential to understand that it is not possible to attract adequate consumer attention without effective search engine optimization software and Yoast SEO is supposed to be the most comprehensive and easiest plug-in in this respect. This brilliant plug-in is known for streamlining your tags all across the data analytic platforms. They are effective in ensuring that keywords are inserted in the right places and are well aligned. Yoast SEO increases the chances of your website attracting traffic from your targeted audience who are interested in associating with your brand. You may get in touch with a reliable branding agency NYC for boosting your brand image and helping your business find a niche in the industry.


Contact forms are essential for all kinds of websites. By incorporating a contact form into your website, you could be facilitating an easy and secure communication with all your website visitors. WPForms is supposed to be the most effective WordPress plug-in for a contact form. This fantastic plug-in would be assisting you in creating online forms quickly and easily. It is accompanied by a super-intuitive form builder that is supposed to be drag & drop effective form builder which would be letting you create complex to simple WordPress forms like order forms, email subscription forms, payment forms, etc. with simply a few clicks using your mouse. For every kind of form, you would be getting a sample template meant for each specific kind of form for getting started easily.

As per, “Once you’ve created the forms, you can embed them easily on your site. The plug-in provides an Add Form button in your post editor area, so you can simply click on that to select and insert a form. If you want to add your forms in your site’s sidebars or any widget-ready area, you can use the WPForms widget.” You could say, it is the most effective and beginner-friendly WordPress plug-in for forms. For general forms, you could consider using the free version. It just takes a few seconds for downloading and it could be used for creating everything right from the order and subscription forms to payment forms meant for your products.

Envira Gallery

The Envira Gallery is the homepage banner that demonstrates the WordPress backend specifically on desktop and an example gallery meant for mobile. You would be regarded as crazy if you are planning to write a blog using one of the top WordPress plugins for boosting businesses but not using Envira Gallery. This effective WordPress plug-in makes it simpler to build highly engaging and hugely responsive galleries in the WordPress environment. This automatically means that now it would be easier to flaunt your case studies, products, and services. You could come up with as many wonderful galleries as you may wish with Envira and then incorporate them into your website.  You may even consider creating watermark pictures and albums that you do not wish to risk getting stolen.


Facebook Messenger chat bots have been effective in dramatically boosting revenues simply by harnessing the power of 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger users. MobileMonkey’s WP-Chatbot helps in effectively increasing your revenues. You may use live chat for communicating with your customers or you may consider integrating WP-Chatbot to your messenger and allow the automated bot to carry on chatting with all your customers. In this context, you must know that the chat history would obviously be saved and you could carry on chatting whenever you want using Messenger.


MonsterInsights take pride in themselves as the best and most effective Google Analytics WordPress plug-in and everyone is too happy to agree with their viewpoint. MonsterInsights lets you enable important Google Analytics features straightaway on your site using only a click. The main advantage of this plug-in is that you could then easily have access to all your crucial data and metrics from the WordPress dashboard even without visiting Google Analytics. MonsterInsights could be a fantastic choice for your site when integrated seamlessly with some other brilliant plugins like WooCommerce.


If you are looking to sell your services and products on your e-commerce site, WooCommerce could be your best bet. This amazing WordPress plug-in would be allowing you to effectively sell whatever you like on your website and that may include downloads, subscriptions, and appointments along with physical products. It would be allowing payments to be done via your site and there is no limitation on the number of products to be listed. Moreover, WooCommerce provides effective inventory management and you could upload your pricelists and stocks through CSV files.


We have discussed some of the best WordPress plugins for your business. You could choose the plugins that are most suited to your unique requirements and budget. Do not get unnecessarily flustered to see the wide array of WordPress plugins. Consider the features and their advantages and make the right choice for your business.

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