These Are The Top Macro Forecasters

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If an investor knows about macro trends beforehand, he or she could benefit from taking positions accordingly. However, predicting macro trends is no easy task. There are several micro and macro factors that affect each macro factor, and this makes the forecasting task very challenging. But, there are some analysts who are able to correctly forecast these trends most of the time. Discussed in the article are the top macro forecasters.

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Top Macro Forecasters

Our list of the top macro forecasters is based on the ranking by FocusEconomics for 2019. We have considered the top ten macro forecasters for the U.S. economy. Below we have taken the top three macro forecasters overall, and then the top two from each major macro parameter.

Detailed below are the top three macro forecasters overall:

  1. Jakob Ekholdt Christensen (Danske Bank)

Christensen is the Chief Analyst, Head of International Macro and Emerging Market Research at Danske Bank. He has been with Danske Bank since October 2015. Before this, he was the director and senior economist at Exotix. Christensen has also worked at major international institutions, including IMF, EU commission, The World Bank and more. He has written many research papers on capital markets, international financial crises and more.

  1. Research Team (National Bank of Canada)

Founded in 1869, the National Bank of Canada is among the biggest commercial banks in Canada. The bank is headquartered in Montreal and has a presence across most Canadian provinces. It is known for having one of the most respected research teams in the world.

  1. Ryan Wang (HSBC)

Wang is a U.S. economist for HSBC Securities. He is responsible for providing the bank’s view over the U.S. economy outlook, including Federal Reserve policy, inflation, growth rate and more. In the past, Wang has talked about several economic issues, including the U.S. housing market, trade policy developments, tax reforms, state and local government finances and the labor market outlook. He has been working for HSBC since 2001.

Following are the top two forecasters for GDP:

  1. Research Team (National Bank of Canada)

(Already discussed above)

  1. Research Team (KBC)

It was formed in 1998 after the merger of a Belgian insurance company (ABB Insurance) and two Belgian banks (Kredietbank and CERA Bank). The group primarily focuses on integrated bank insurance and serves about 12 million clients. KBC has a presence in many countries, but its core markets are Hungary, Bulgaria, Ireland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. It has about 41,000 employees and serves its clients through its network of bank branches, as well as agents and other channels.

Following are the top two forecasters for Inflation:

  1. David Kohl (Julius Baer)

Kohl is the Chief Economist at Julius Baer. Prior to this, he was the Head of Currency Research at the same bank. Kohl has been with Julius Baer for about fourteen years now. Prior to the U.S. election outcome, Kohl noted that the tight election outcome and the uncertainty would provide short-term support to the USD, while post-election, he said the USD could weaken.

  1. Ryan Wang (HSBC)

(Already discussed above)

Following are the top two forecasters for Interest Rate:

  1. Jean-Luc Proutat (BNP Paribas)

Proutat is the Head of OECD economies at BNP Paribas. In his recent analysis of the U.S. economy (UNITED STATES: LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL), Proutat noted that the economy could regain “most of ground lost since 2019” helped by the massive $1.9 trillion stimulus package, which is still being debated. Further, the economist noted that “in the meantime, economic activity will continue to benefit from strong monetary support.”

  1. Jennifer Kusuma (ANZ)

Kusuma is an Asia Rates Strategist at ANZ. Prior to ANZ, Kusuma worked at BNP Paribas as its foreign exchange (FX) and Interest Rates Strategist. She has also worked with Standard Chartered Bank as Asian Rates Strategist, covering Asia ex-Japan. Kusuma is an FRM who graduated from the University of Melbourne.

Following are the top two forecasters for Fiscal Balance:

  1. Ryan Wang (HSBC)

(Already discussed above)

  1. Research Team (Emirates NBD)

Emirates NBD offers its clients in-depth information on the regional and financial markets. Khatija Haque is their Head of Research and Chief Strategist. The research team offers valuable insights on foreign exchange, fixed income and commodities.

Following are the top two forecasters for Current Account:

  1. Research Team (Raiffeisen Research)

Raiffeisen Research is a brand of Raiffeisen Bank International AG that focuses on the euro area, global markets and Central and Eastern Europe. Its team of over 80 financial analysts and economists are based in Vienna and 14 CEE countries. Their team provides in-depth research to corporate and institutional clients.

  1. Matthias Schupeta (DZ Bank)

Schupeta is an economist at DZ Bank. He has been with the bank for more than nine years now.