Top Cybersecurity Trends For 2019

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Why is Cybersecurity Important

This should not be a question in the first place because the answer to this would be a counter question like why is it important to wear clothes.

We are living in the digital age where the importance of cybersecurity has the magnitude equaling the importance of life. All of your personal information is available over the internet through your bank accounts, social media accounts, your academic profiles etc. Protecting your data is vital because it can be sued by hackers fr their personal gain or to rob you or harm you.

There are numerous ways that your system and network can be breached and used for spamming or other harmful things. It is important to consider protecting your privacy through the available security protocols.

Here are few of the top Cybersecurity trends 2019:

Top Cybersecurity Aspects to look out for in 2019

1. Phishing Attacks

Phishing is the kind of cyber threat that is practiced by most of the hackers because it is successful as compared to other threats. The main reason behind its success is that the hackers have become very smart in fabricating the spam mails that unaware users fall prey to it easily.

By passing time, users are becoming much aware but the hackers are becoming smarter simultaneously. A new thing that hackers have started to do is send personalized mails (spam mails), making users believe as if they are genuine. Users need to identify the very differences that separate a spam and authentic email, in order to protect themselves from such Cybersecurity issues.

Many of the phishing attack victims are the online streamers who do not take necessary protection steps and stay vulnerable. Online streaming is fun thing, you can unblock Netflix and chill but being protected matters more.

2. Biometric Security Growth

Using passwords to protect systems and networks has become quite outdated and vulnerable nowadays. Reason being, passwords can be easily breached and systems can be hacked and it does not require any special tactics. There are password generators and deciphering tools programmed with smart algorithms that can easily generate the password and break into your systems.

Biometric security protocols are already in the market and the implementation of Biometric security can be seen practically in Banks, ATM machines, mobile devices etc.

The best thing about Biometric security is that it cannot be surpassed because of the uniqueness of every user. Biometric security can be based on a thumb impression, retina scan, facial recognition or even the walking gestures; this is why it is secure and a better option.

Security experts are working on making it more and more fool proof day by day. Cybersecurity threads are growing exponentially and such safety protocols should be welcomed.

3. GDPR Compliance as a Service

GDPR regulations have forced the companies working in EU to take user privacy protection seriously. The residents of Europe have welcomed GDPR Compliance regulations, as their personal information cannot be shared further. People have growing trust issues and the reason is obvious that their Cybersecurity is vulnerable.

To cater this, Cybersecurity companies have started providing GDPR compliant software and technology for training of new users and staff. This has created a completely new niche market and many compliance service providers have stepped in the industry. Such security standards will evolve more by time as the users have started to become more aware and concerned about these things.

4. The Zero Trust Model

The Zero Trust model is a concept that suggests that interconnected systems of an enterprise needs to be restricted. Sharing of information or allowing open access to interconnected systems is no longer a good practice. It infers that no one can be trusted, not even the internal systems.

A researcher at Forrester Research formulated this security model. It proposed that a proper authorization protocol should be followed before granting access to any part of the system. In this way, the systems can be protected from hackers that can access the data if there are no authorization protocols in place over the network. Anyone connecting to the network or trying to access the central servers should verify his identity first.

This new Cybersecurity framework will really benefit the organizations globally, minimizing the Cybersecurity issues. Secondly, Cybersecurity awareness will also prevail, helping the users and netizens understand the potential online threats.

5. Identifying Shadow IT Inventory

Many times, you would have noticed that when you download a software over your pc or an app on your phone, an extra application is installed and keeps running in the background. This is what we call the shadow application, which can be a malware or a spyware.

Normally, a user is unaware of its presence and many people do not pay any attention to it. Whereas, this inventory provides access to your data to hackers and keeps on transmitting your personal information to their host server.

Not just that, there are many application that request access to your personal information during installation. Many users do not care to read the privacy policy and accept to it, which has this mentioned clearly that the app might access user’s personal information. Therefore, it is important for the users to understand the implications and be aware of such things.

The most intriguing thing about it is that many cybersecurity specialists have already addressed it in cybersecurity trends 2018.

Role of AI and Machine learning in Modern Cybersecurity

AI and machine learning is potentially the best thing to incorporate in Cybersecurity framework because of the fact that it is the secure most thing one can rely on. AI is totally based on machine learning and is automated therefore it can tackle the cyberattacks better than other protocols. Security protocols like VPN services have made a great impact but they only provide anonymity, which can be replaced by AI.

The best thing about this is that it will not only secure your network and systems from cybersecurity issues but it will save time. AI was designed to reduce human efforts and it can be used rightly so. AI has been a great help in many other fields of life as medical science, engineering etc. then why not bring it in the Cybersecurity industry.

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