Top 2020 Precious Metals Coins to Buy Before 2021

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Many people eagerly await the end of the year in hope of a brighter 2021. Although we still have a few months to go, most mints and refineries are shifting their attention towards their 2021 releases. What this means for investors is this is a good time to touch base with your 2020-2021 investment plans. When you sit down to check over your plans for the final months of 2020, don’t neglect to consider your hedge portfolio or holiday gifts! Here are some of the top 2020 coins to consider buying before the end of the year. Please note, the images are not to scale.

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US Mint 2020 Top Coin Picks

The US Mint’s year thus far has been unexpected, as it has been for the world. Nevertheless, they continued to strike their annual coins, even in unconventional ways.

First of all, the American Eagles coins are a classic and common choice for investors of any background. Since there are editions in silver, gold, platinum, and palladium, there is an Eagle coin for any kind of buyer. However, this year we saw the unprecedented Emergency Production American Silver Eagles, a coin that is probably won’t be repeated in 2021.

Since the US Mint’s main bullion-producing West Point facility had to temporarily quarantine, the Philadelphia Mint had to pick up the slack and strike 140,000 of these coins. But, these are not the only momentous coins from the US Mint this year. Coming soon are also the 2020 Platinum American Eagle and the first-ever Uncirculated Palladium Eagles. Although not yet released, these are great coins to keep an eye on and diversify with.

top 2020 coins

Secondly, the US Mint is going to release the WWII 75th Anniversary Coins and medals. These special American Eagles coins are different from the other 2020 Eagles owing to their new privy mark. You may have seen this privy mark already! If you have any 2020 US quarters, take them out and see if you can find a “V75” mark next to George Washington. This privy mark may seem insignificant, but it honors the Allied victory in WWII and literally puts American history in the hands of its people.

The US Mint’s other notable 2020 coins include the first-ever West Point Jefferson Nickels, and the 2020 America the Beautiful coins. This year’s releases of this program were the American Samoa National Park Coin, Connecticut Weir Farm Coin, Salt River Bay Coin, and the Kansas Tallgrass Prairie coin.

Top 2020 Coins Abroad

For many, plans to travel and vacation this year were overthrown due to COVID. That does not mean you cannot journey through alternative means! Take a step outside of your culture with silver from abroad.

Top 2020 Coins: The UK

In addition to the Canadian Mint, the British Royal Mint also manufactured masks this year for the NHS in May. However, it also continued to strike the Queen’s Beasts Coins this year. Created in 2016 as a limited-run series, the Queen’s Beasts coins are among the top 2020 coins because it is a limited program and has limited mintages. Once these coins are gone, they are most likely gone for good.

This program honors Queen Elizabeth II as the longest-reigning monarch since 2016. Therefore, each coin features a heraldic “beast”, inspired by the statues that stood guard over her coronation in 1953. Two beasts came out each year, and in 2020 we now see the Horse of Hanover and the upcoming White Greyhound of Richmond coins.

Top 2020 Coins: Australia

If your insatiable wanderlust leads you more south, you should consider the Australian Perth Mint coins from the land down under! This year, the Perth Mint undertook striking gold kilo bars to assist the supply squeeze in April for NY futures contracts. The coins from Australia that are often the most popular are the Kangaroos, Koalas, and Kookaburra coins. These are three animals indigenous to Australia, making them idyllic for their bullion coins.

However, one of their coins that is also a special pick is the 2020 1 oz Silver Lunar Year of The Mouse / Rat BU.

This coin celebrates the Chinese New Year of the Rat in the form of an appealing mouse illustration. If you don’t grab this coin before the end of the year, you will have to wait another 12 years!

Top 2020 Coins: Canadian Mint

Although it often feels like we are on an island during the pandemic, we must not forget our neighbors. In addition to producing and donating hand sanitizer and face shields, the Royal Canadian Mint also struck some exciting coins for the year.

This year, the Royal Canadian Mint also produced memorable WWII anniversary coins. But, don’t overlook the other coins they have on offer. For example, the 2020 Canadian Goose Silver Coin is a commemoration of the 1967 Centennial Dollar. It contains the original illustration created by Alex Colville, a Canadian painter and WWII veteran. He was tasked with, in addition to his military duties, capturing the horrors of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. After that, in 1967, he created the coin design for the Canadian Centennial dollar. That year was the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. Colville and Myron Cook worked together to create the silver dollar, and this year, that coin is again honored with a slightly modernized rendition with the 2020 Canadian Goose Silver coin.

Additionally, the Royal Canadian Mint also set out to strike a brand new series this year. Starting in 2020, a new collection of silver coins was released, depicting mythological creatures of the Northern world. The first impressive beast leading the hoard is the Kraken, a creature often associated with Canada and Greenland.  Its legend strikes fear in the heart of mariners ever since the early days of Canadian settlement. Although it is now understood as the giant squid, these creatures remain elusive. Moreover, we have barely scratched the surface of the depths of the ocean. What else lurks in the deep remains a mystery to us.

Although the pandemic may have put the world’s plans on hold, this is a new, biannual program. Hop on the bandwagon for this exciting program before the next beast surfaces!

Travel to New Shores: Top Asian Silver

One notable 2020 silver product this year in particular is the lovely South Korean Tiger Medal. Collectors hold the South Korean medals in high regard for their dazzling designs. This medal lives up to the South Korean reputation by showcasing a Siberian tiger cub in the springtime of Seoul.

This is the national animal of South Korea, and the medal celebrates some of the most important landmarks of the nation. Also equipped with a special security feature, the South Korean Tiger Medal is a unique pick for investors. You can follow the journey of this adorable tiger cub through South Korea as it goes through a new season each release!

Moving Beyond 2020

When choosing your investments for the rest of the year, it may behoove you to bolster your hedge portfolio. This list of some of the top 2020 coins is by no means a comprehensive list. However, it does point out some of the more exciting and unique coins of the year you most likely won’t be able to find struck again beyond 2020. Additionally, most mints and refineries are now moving onto their 2021 products with the looming holiday season approaching. We are still months away - however, it tends to pay off to have a plan ahead of time when it comes to investing.

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