To Hang Or Not To Hang: That Is The Question

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There’s an interesting footnote to the “Hang Mike Pence” spectacle that was carried out at our nation’s Capitol last January 6th by thousands of angry supporters of President Donald Trump. What was so upsetting to them was that the Vice President, who was charged with announcing for which presidential candidate each state and the District of Columbia had caste their electoral votes.

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The evening before, Pence had told Trump that his job was solely to announce these results to the members of both houses of Congress. Although Trump insisted that the vice president could refuse to certify the votes of the battleground states that were narrowly won by Joe Biden, Pence very respectfully disagreed because he did not have the power to do that.

Hang Mike Pence!

So, it should be quite understandable why just hours later, several members of the angry mob that stormed the Capitol would bring along a portable gallows with a sign that read, "Hang Mike Pence!" They appeared ready and willing to carry out their threat.

But then, the president decided he’d like to present Pence’s decision in a more optimistic light. So, Trump quickly got out the word that his abjectly loyal vice president would be coming through for him after all. He would not accept the electoral votes of the closely contested states that Biden had won, thereby canceling his victory. The electoral votes would be cast instead by the Republican controlled legislatures in those states.

It’s not clear whether or not the hangmen received the memo.  If Pence came through for them, then instead they could hang Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In any event, when word reached the gathering mob that Pence had indeed betrayed their president, many of them began chanting "Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!" Perhaps after having gone to all this trouble, the hangmen must have been very happy to put their handiwork to good use. And the Fuhrer himself would have been pleased.