Two Georgia Criminal Investigations of Donald Trump

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Two Georgia Criminal Investigations of Donald Trump; One Being Pursued “Aggressively” Involves Death Threats

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Donald Trump Is Facing Two Different Criminal Investigations In Georgia

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 5, 2021) - Former president Donald Trump and his associates are facing two different criminal investigations in Georgia; one, described as especially "aggressive" involving death threats, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, whose criminal complaint months earlier triggered the ongoing state criminal investigation by Fani Willis, the DA of Fulton County.

More recently the FBI has launched what it describes as a taskforce investigation, which is especially "aggressive" and "rigorous," concerning death threats against public officials.

For example, the head of the Fulton County Board of Elections was interviewed by FBI agents about death threats received by him, and by other members of his majority Black staff, which he described as "full of white supremacist language," including one which warned that he would be "served lead," notes Banzhaf.

The Guardian reports that "Trump is facing increasing legal scrutiny in the crucial battleground state of Georgia," and that "heat is now overlapping with investigations in Congress looking at the former president’s efforts to subvert American democracy. . . . The Georgia district attorney running the inquiry is now also sharing information with the House committee investigating the 6 January attack on the Capitol in Washington DC."

DoJ Officials' Assessment

The Guardian further reports that veteran DoJ officials and prosecutors say the criminal inquiry triggered by Banzhaf's complaint "seems well grounded, with ample public evidence."

This assessment is consistent with a recent 107-page report by the Brookings Institution which concludes that Trump faces a “substantial risk of possible state charges predicated on multiple crimes."

Based upon an extensive examination of documents, the Brookings legal experts claim that “Trump engaged in a pattern of repeated personal communications aimed at altering the vote count and making himself the winner in Georgia, . . .He did so in the absence of any even arguable evidence of voting or counting irregularities. Unless there are other presently unknown facts that would explain it, this conduct appears to satisfy the requirements of a number of Georgia criminal statutes.”

Banzhaf suggest that the state criminal investigation should be of special concern to Trump because it is being conducted by an ambitious district attorney in a county largely hostile to Trump. So, he says, an indictment of a former president could boost her career, and her two grand juries are likely to be made up largely of members who dislike the former president and would like to see him punished.