The Most Crypto-Obsessed Regions In Canada Revealed

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  • Yukon is the Canadian region most interested in crypto, with 1,228 related monthly searches per 100,000 people.
  • British Columbia and Ontario also ranked high on the study, with over 1,000 monthly searches per 100,000 in each province.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador named the Canadian region least interested in crypto.

Yukon is the most crypto-obsessed region in Canada, according to a new study.

These Are The Most Crypto-Obsessed Regions In Canada

A report from online casino expert Datslots analyzed Google Keyword data over the last 12 months to discover the average monthly searches for crypto-related terms in each Canadian province and territory. The search volumes were then ranked per 100,000 people to reveal the regions in Canada most interested in cryptocurrencies.


With an average of 1,228 monthly searches per 100,000, Yukon topped the list as the Canadian region most keen on crypto. Despite being Canada’s second-least populated region, Yukon is the country’s crypto hotspot. Over the last 12 months, 6,480 crypto-related searches were made across the territory, securing its first place as Canada’s most crypto-obsessed region.

British Columbia

British Columbia came in second on the study, ranking as Canada’s top crypto-obsessed province. Those living in British Columbia complete 62,066 monthly searches on average for terms related to cryptocurrencies, equating to 1,156 monthly searches per 100,000.


Canada’s most-populated province, Ontario, placed third in the new study. Residents of Ontario are some of the most interested in crypto across the country, contributing the highest volume of average monthly searches related to crypto with 157,655. The province places just below Yukon and British Columbia, with an average of 1,032 monthly crypto searches per 100,000.

Northwest Territories

With a small population of 45,602, the Northwest Territories was recognized as the fourth most-interested region in cryptocurrency. On average, residents of the Northwest Territories complete 449 crypto-related Google searches every month, equal to 984 monthly searches per 100,000.


Alberta rounded out the top five Canadian regions most obsessed with cryptocurrencies. The western province sees residents search for crypto-related terms on Google an average of 45,060 times per month. Alberta ranks above provinces like Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and Quebec, averaging 979 monthly crypto searches per 100,000.

RankProvincePopulationAverage Monthly Search VolumeAverage Monthly Search Volume Per 100k
2British Columbia5,368,26662,066.671,156.18
4Northwest Territories45,602449.17984.97
6Nova Scotia1,030,9537,685.00745.43
9New Brunswick820,7865,665.83690.29
10Prince Edward Island172,7071,177.50681.79
13Newfoundland and Labrador528,8182,645.83500.33

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador placed bottom in the new study, claiming a spot as the Canadian province least interested in cryptocurrencies. People living in the province appear less keen on crypto than the rest of the country, with an average of 500 monthly searches per 100,000, over 150 less than any other region.


Nunavut was the closest to Newfoundland and Labrador on the study, taking the second-last spot and claiming the title of Canadian territory least interested in cryptocurrencies. The smallest region in Canada with a population of 40,586, Nunavut residents search for crypto-related terms less than almost every other region. On average, 267 Google searches related to crypto are completed monthly across the territory, equating to 659 monthly searches per 100,000.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from Datslots said: “Following the launch of crypto exchange platform Coinbase in Canada, it is fascinating to see which areas across Canada are most interested in cryptocurrencies.

“As various cryptocurrency firms continue to expand across Canada, we will be keeping an eye on search trends to spot if Canadians’ interest in crypto continues to grow.”