The Freedom To Die

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Live Free or Die; State motto of New Hampshire

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Lawsuit Against The Federal Mandate Requiring Americans To Be Vaccinated

Led by Florida and Texas – these two great bastions of democracy --sixteen other freedom loving states have signed on to a lawsuit against the federal mandate requiring that the vast majority of Americans be vaccinated by early next year. Sixteen of these states – none of whom could have possibly rigged their elections – just happened to cast their electoral votes for President Donald Trump in 2020.

Their gripe against the federal mandate is that it is not just unconstitutional, but that it violates our basic democratic principles. And yet, nearly all of these states have recently passed laws sharply curbing the voting rights of minorities and other populations groups most likely to vote for Democrats.

What is the primary responsibility of the federal government? Wouldn’t you say that it’s to protect the lives of our citizens? Isn’t it settled science -- even among most Republican politicians running these states -- that our best hope of ending the COVID pandemic is to get as many Americans as possible vaccinated?

Although the giant American pharmaceutical companies produce the lion’s share of vaccines, our vaccination rate lags far behind most of the world’s other industrial nations (see table)

Percent of Population of Eight Leading Industrial Nations Fully Vaccinated

  • Spain 79%
  • China 77%
  • Canada 75%
  • Japan 73%
  • Italy 72%
  • United Kingdom 68%
  • Germany 67%
  • United States 58%

In one sense, however, the Republicans politicians of thee eighteen states are truly acting democratically. They are explicitly following the wishes of the tens of millions of morons and ignoramuses who comprise a substantial part of their electorate.

These folks are literally willing to fight to the death to protect their precious freedoms against the dictates of the evil federal government. In this instance, they are protecting their precious freedom to die. Good luck with that!