Tesla Model S Passengers Survive An Insane Crash In Pullach, Germany

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Tesla cars are the most popular electric cars owing to several factors like design, range etc., but a new incident gives us one more reason to crave its cars. Recently a Model S was involved in a terrifying accident, but all its passengers came out alive, says Electrek.

Tesla Model S proves its worth

An 18-year old took her father’s Tesla Model S for a ride with four of her friends in Pullach, Germany. The girl was driving at an excessive speed, according to the reports, and lost control on a turn. Her Model S jumped off the road and flew 25 meters [82 ft.] through the air. Subsequently, the EV crashed in a field at full speed before rolling over at least once.

However, all five passengers, including the 18-year old girl, escaped unharmed. The pictures of the Model S captured after the crash are a testament to the brutality of the accident and speak for the manufacturing skills of the electric car maker.

Electrek says the five people in the car were able to exit the electric vehicle without the help of first responders. According to the report, the five occupants sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries, and they were all transferred to the hospital for treatment via a helicopter.

The importance of a large crumple zone

German newspaper Merkur posted numerous pictures of the crash site showing the severity of the accident. It does take an excessive speed to roll over a 5,000-pound Model S with a low center of gravity. The front end of the Model S is destroyed, but the cabin does not appear to have sustained damages. This emphasizes the importance of a large crumple zone. Due to the use of smaller motors and the lack of engines, the large crumple zone is simpler to design with EVs. An engine in the front could have put pressure on the passenger cabin, but the lack of an engine in the Model S helped it absorb the energy of the impact.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk likes to describe this crumple zone feature by using a pool analogy: “it’s just like jumping into a pool from a high diving board — you want a deep pool and one without rocks in it.”

The five young adults will hopefully recover quickly and learn something from this crash.

Tesla Model S Passengers Survive An Insane Crash In Pullach, Germany

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