Tesla Motors Inc Model S Now Has Its Own Racing Series

Tesla Motors Inc Model S Now Has Its Own Racing Series
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Tesla’s Model S will finally show how good it is in running wheel-to-wheel on a road course in the Electric GT World Series. The racing series aims to become the first zero-emissions GT championship worldwide, says a report from Motorsport. The intention is to use all-electric road cars customized for racing, with the Tesla Model S P85+ as the series technical base.

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Customizing Model S for the race

Tesla’s Model S, a rear-wheel-drive car, will be simpler to service and fix, and many drivers prefer RWD on the track, Electric GT Holdings Technical Director Agustin Payá told Transport Evolved. The series’ inaugural 10-car grid will be made up entirely of the Model S, which will be customized for racing, like with better cooling, suspension and brakes, reports Motorsport.

Payá explained to Motorsport, “Although it is a luxurious super tourer it seems to be made for racing. Its weight distribution and astonishing low center of gravity, despite its considerable mass – more than two tons unmodified – allows unbelievable cornering speed, not forgetting its unending torque, which all add up to a great racing car.”

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Payá said they are testing the Model S in Spain at the Catalunya and Jarama circuits. In time, other high-powered electric cars can also apply for the series.

Tesla’s involvement will make the series popular

Formula E cars are often ridiculed for being too similar to each other, an issue that will persist for some time at least. The series postponed the idea of opening up chassis and battery tech to increase competition, reports Autosport. Even though the idea is similar to that of Formula E by using identical cars, they are starting with the electric car which is the most desirable on the planet. Also Tesla fans are likely to follow anything related to their car.

With a seven-race season on purpose-built road courses throughout Europe, Asia and America, the series is expected to get started in 2017. The series already has the support of the FIA and the Royal Spanish Motorsport Association, according to Transport Evolved. However, the series isn’t an official FIA series.

Sports experts are looking forward to seeing how the luxurious electric Tesla car will handle multiple laps on a track without overheating and going into “limp mode.”

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