Elon Musk Blows Up Hong Kong 2016

Elon Musk Blows Up Hong Kong 2016
Elon Musk

Elon Musk Blows Up Hong Kong 2016


Published on Mar 13, 2016

Elon Musk Blows Up Hong Kong 2016 [HD]

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Elon Musk speaks about Tesla at the Venture Forum in Hong Kong

01:20. Tesla Motors in Hong Kong
05:34. Relationships between Tesla and China
11:24. Model 3
14:19. Innovations
16:48. Autonomous cars
20:48. Wing doors of Model X
25:00. An ideal car
26:10. Solar energy
27:45. Mars
30:14. SpaceX mission
32:39. Entrepreneurship
38:00. Artificial Internet

0:00hi good morning everyone I think our next guest really doesn’t need an
0:04introduction we are going to be hearing from this serial entrepreneur behind a
0:09range of companies PayPal Tesla Motors SolarCity SpaceX he is a Titan of
0:16industry who is disrupted in transformed entire industries we’re talking about
0:22automotive aerospace energy internet finance and these are sectors that are
0:28really tough to operate in as a start up in the next 40 minutes we are going to
0:34hear from you on bus and we’re going to learn more about Tesla Motors in Hong
0:37Kong and China are going to hear about sustainable energy solutions gonna talk
0:42about Mars and we’re also going to touch on the fate and future of humankind
0:47pretty big stuff so this icy cold day here in hong kong let’s give a very warm
0:52welcome to Elon Musk
1:04you can pick any my god there’s so many to choose from more than 20 people it sa
1:17here in Hong Kong and you end up here in 2010 the Model S has been selling pretty
1:22well good build-up first general question how’s the business doing here
1:26in hong kong worst Super appreciative of our car and it’s it’s the necessary with
1:38the police at this point the most number of texts per capita yeah and it’s a very
1:52exciting I think model in Hong Kong Hong Kong will have over time the highest
1:58percentage of any city in the world and can serve as a model for how other
2:05high-density cities around the world can transform into a sustainable transport
2:10future so I think I think that’s that’s very exciting as we plan to work closely
2:15with the hong kong government and six lessons learned and see what we can do
2:19so then profit that two cities around the world so excited about the
2:25partnership with call because how long is a densely packed city there’s a range
2:30in society in hong kong but that’s not the only factor behind the popularity of
2:34the test of what are the other factors
2:36sure well i think is certainly the range-topping issues is is one factor
2:43although that is counterbalanced by challenges with charging yeah and so one
2:49of the things that we need to work through it is a challenge that any other
2:56city in the world has is as you have one more like your vehicles on the road yet
3:02find someplace to to charge them and the ideal place to charge the car is at your
3:09home or socially the same place that you charge your phone
3:14challenging because a lot of bombings
3:19most part one is don’t anticipate having that level of power in the crash and
3:25such as the parking spot spots float around in a consistent so it’s gonna
3:30quite important to get the power to about things that need it and then and
3:37figure out a good and commune with people to charge at home we are
3:41deploying a lot of super charges of course that’s that’s going to be
3:45important but it really meant for when you have an unusually long trip away

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