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Bitcoin: Regulators, Let’s Ride

Bitcoin has shrugged off the overhang from the China trade ban — with China shutting down all Bitcoin exchanges, hoping to get a better control of currency within the country. Bitcoin is proving resilient, having shaken off the folk just […]

By United Nations Cartographic Section; Alex Khristov. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Ukraine And Chinese Investment: Caution Amid Potential?

A EurasiaNet Partner Post from: FPRI As Ukraine’s recent economic difficulties persist—the country registered a modest growth rate of 2.3% in 2016, and painful IMF-mandated reforms continue to progress slowly—optimistic commentators forecast an increase—and eventual surge—in Chinese investment in the country. […]

Why China’s Onshore Bond Market Deserves A Look

Why China’s Onshore Bond Market Deserves A Look

Much has been made over MSCI’s announcement to incorporate China A shares in its Emerging Markets and ACWI indices beginning in June 2018. Indeed, this portends material fund flows, greater transparency, and a new investable universe for global institutional and […]