Ramona Singer Net Worth: From TV to Entrepreneurship

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Ramona Singer is a huge name in the American entertainment industry. She made a name for herself, starring in The Real Housewives of New York City reality TV series. While her primary income stream is the TV show, she is also a businesswoman. She owns fashion, skincare, and wine brands. From these streams and many others, Ramona Singer has built herself a net worth of $18 million.

Are you eager to learn more about this reality television star? Dive into Ramona Singer’s world of riches. Get a behind-the-scenes look at her journey to wealth. Understand how she sustains her fortune and her acts of giving back.

Unveiling Ramona Singer’s Journey to Wealth

Early Life

Ramona “Mazur” Singer was born on November 18, 1956, to a Jewish family of Veronika Mazur and Bohdan Mazur. She was born and raised in South Hampton, New York, with her other two siblings. Both her parents and brother, Bohdan Mazur Jr., are deceased. Her father was a Ukrainian American, while her mother was Hungarian, which makes Singer half-Hungarian.

Ramona Singer studied marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After earning her degree, she started her career as a buyer for Macy’s.


After college, Ramona Singer took a job at Macy’s. She started at a traineeship program before becoming a buyer for the clothing company. She also worked in the sales departments of Calvin Klein and French Connection.

Business Ventures

Ramona Singer ventured into business long before she became a reality TV star. She established her first business in 1986 at the age of 29. The wholesale clothing company RMS Fashions, Inc. buys excess inventory and distributes it at discount stores. Talking to The Observer in 2008, Singer said that her clothing business is quite lucrative.

She also has other business ventures under her name. In 2005, she co-founded True Faith Jewelry with her husband, Mario Singer. The couple divorced in 2016 after incidences of infidelity by Mario. They have a 32-year-old daughter called Avery Singer.

Ramona Singer owns a fashion brand called The Ramona Singer Collection. This business sells clothing and eyewear products, as well as affordable jewelry. She launched Tru Renewal in 2010, an anti-aging skincare line. In 2018, she rebranded the skincare line to Ageless by Ramona.

Besides the anti-aging skincare serum, Ramona also has her fingers in the wine business. She has a white wine label called Ramona Pinot Grigio. She designed a jewelry line called Ramona Singer Jewelry for the HSN.

Ramona is also an author. She published her memoir, Life on the Ramona Coaster, in 2015. The book talks about her early life. She explains how she experienced a dysfunctional childhood due to her abusive parents.

Ramona Singer is also known for her interest in real estate. She has invested in many properties over the years. She owns many properties in New York City, which includes her luxurious home in East Manhattan.

She listed the property in 2009 with a price tag of $4.9 million. She bought the four-bedroom condo in 1998 for $1.42 million. When no buyer showed interest, she brought the price down to $4.5 million, finally selling it at $4 million. She renovated it before collecting the $4 million check for it. 

She also owns a $5 million property in Southampton, which she rents out for $ 165,000 per month. 

Breaking into Reality TV

Ramona Singer joined Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City during the show’s first season. She remained a cast in the series for all 12 seasons before it was refreshed with all-new stars. She starred in the first season of Peackock’s The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip in 2021. The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip was a spinoff that featured many women from The Real Housewives. Ramona is set to appear in the show’s fourth season, which premiers December 2023.

Ramona was the only cast member who stayed on all 12 of The Real Housewives of New York City. Which begs the question, how much did she make from the show? While there is not enough data to support this, it’s believed that she earned $500,000 per season. This is a huge boost to her massive net worth of $18 million.

Ramona Singer’s Net Worth Growth Through Time

Net worth in 2023$18 million
2022$18 million
2021$16 million
2020$14 million
2019$13 million

How Does Ramona Singer Spend Her Money?

While we may not have detailed expenditure details of Ramona Singer’s money, we know that she is quite charitable. She donates a big chunk of her wine company profits to provide shelter for victims of domestic violence.

She is committed to giving to this cause because she has firsthand experience with toxic home environments. She grew up seeing the abuse her mother went through. There were not enough safe places for her to go. She donates to ensure bartered mothers and children have a safe place to shelter.

She donates to other causes, too. Ramona is committed to helping children and their health, welfare, and education. She is involved with Africa Foundation and Beyond, a charity foundation that builds schools for poverty-stricken children.

FAQs on Ramona Singer’s Net Worth

Is Ramona Singer the Wealthiest among the Real Housewives?

Ramona Singer is the second richest cast of The Real Housewives of New York City. On top of the list is Luann de Lesseps, with a net worth of $25 million. Ramona follows with a net worth of $18 million.

What are Ramona Singer’s Most Profitable Ventures?

It is not easy to pinpoint Ramona’s most profitable business endeavors. In her own words, she said that the wholesale clothing company, RMS Fashions, is quite profitable. That said, she also makes good profits from her skincare line and other investments. 

How Much is Ramona’s Husband Worth?

Ramona Singer’s ex-husband, Mario Singer, has a net worth equal to Ramona’s, $18 million. He is also a businessperson and a former television personality. He was featured in Ramona’s The Real Housewives of New York City from season of the show. 

Wrapping Up: Ramona Singer’s Resplendent Riches

Ramona Singer is a businesswoman and TV star with a net worth of $18 million. She built her wealth from her role at The Real Housewives of New York City and other ventures. One of her oldest businesses, RMS Fashions, has contributed greatly to her net worth growth. She is an ex-wife to Mario Singer, an American businessman, and mother to one daughter, Avery Singer.