Grant Cardone Net Worth: The Story Behind the Billions

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Grant Cardone is a leading marketer and entrepreneur with a net worth of $600 million. He is also a best-selling author famous for his book, The 10X Rule. As a marketing expert, Cardone has worked with massive corporations such as Google and Sprint.

He is the founder and CEO of Cardone Capital, a real estate company with more than $4 billion in assets. Forbes Magazine named Cardone the number one influencer to watch. Are you curious to learn more? Dive into Grant Cardone’s journey, built on real estate, bestselling books, and expert sales training.

Biography of Grant Cardone

Early Life

Grant Cardone was born on March 21, 1958. Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Cardone lost his father, Curtis Louis Cardone, when he was ten. His mother, Concetta Neil Cardone, raised the family. She died in 2009.

Grant has a twin brother, Gary Cardone. Growing up without a father, Cardone had a troubled youth. He entered into drug abuse and drunkenness at a very young age.


Grant Cardone went to LaGrange High School in Lake Charles. He was in and out of detention and suspension due to drug abuse. He managed to complete high school and enrolled at McNeese State University in 1981. He graduated with a BSc in accounting.

The university named Cardone the Distinguished Alumnus Award winner in 2010.

Personal Life

Grant Cardone married his first wife at the age of 35, a marriage that lasted only a year. The divorce cost Grant $1 million in settlement.

He married his second wife, Elena Cardone, in 2004. Commonly known by her stage name of Elena Lyons, Rosaia is an actress from Madrid. The real estate mogul has two children with Elena Cardone. The children are Sabrina Cardone and Scarlet Cardone.


After university, Cardone worked various jobs but could not keep any of them. He was still battling drug addiction and decided to clean his life up. After rehabilitation, he landed an automotive dealership job. He worked in automobile sales for four years. At 29, he started a consulting company, The Cardone Group, offering consultation services to auto dealerships and manufacturers.

Soon, Grant began traveling across the country, gradually becoming a motivational speaker. He spoke to large corporations and small business owners on sales and marketing, among other areas.

In 1989, Grant launched another company, Grant Cardone Enterprises. The business provided tools for individuals and corporations to improve and capitalize on their opportunities. In 1990, Grant launched the Grant Cardone Sales Training University. Also called Cardone Training Technologies, the university offers marketing courses that include prospecting and sales.

In 1996, the real estate investor founded Cardone Capital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Through Cardone Capital, Grant has invested in multi-family real estate properties across California, North Carolina, and other states. In 2012, Cardone made history with a five-property acquisition, the single largest private acquisition in Florida.

Grant Cardon has worked for both small and large corporations. He has assisted companies such as Google, Sprint, and Toyota in growing their sales. Cardone Capital’s portfolio includes real estate holdings of over 4,500 apartments.

How Does Cardone Make So Much Money?

Grant Gardone and Real Estate

While still working in the auto industry as a salesman, Grant invested in his first real estate project. He bought a single-family property in Houston. The rental property did not do well. This was Cardone’s first lesson in real estate investing: never to acquire a single-family property.

After a five-year break, Cardone acquired his second real estate property, a multi-tenant house in San Diego. Within one month of renting, Grant added a second one. He intended to use the earnings from these two to acquire a third.

Grant continued acquiring multi-family units. By 2012, Cardone Capital had the most private real estate deals in Florida.

Book Deals

Grant Cardone has influence that extends beyond business ventures. He is also a famed author, earning millions from book sales and royalties. In fact, books are among the fastest income streams, adding to his massive net worth. He has published many business books, most of which are bestsellers worldwide.

In 2000, he published his first book, Control Without Confrontation: Automotive Sales Program. Other publications followed, including the Maximizing Every Opportunity: Automotive Sales Program in 2005. In 2008, he published two sales books, Selling: The Secret to Success and Sell to Survive. He published If You’re Not First, You’re Last in 2010.

One of his most famous books is “The10X Rule“. In the book, Grant explains the 10X Rule is the scenario where you expect ten times better results than anticipated. According to the book, even if you fail, you will still be ahead of your competition.

Being a Sales Trainer

Grant Cardone is an international speaker who gives speeches on sales and marketing. Through Grant Cardone University, Grant trains businesses and salespeople in selling techniques. He guarantees his learners the ability to navigate the modern-day tough economy.

How Did Cardone Become So Successful?

Cardone realized his first success as a car salesperson. He learned the power of self-training and decided to sharpen his sales skills. He soon became the best in the automotive industry. Unfortunately, he lost his sales job. He then launched his first company, a sales consultant agency.

Best-Selling Author

Grant Cardon has published over ten books, most of which are bestsellers globally. His books are among the biggest contributors to his $600 million net worth. Some of his books include Secrets of Selling, The Closer’s Survival Guide, The Millionnaire Booklet, and The 10X Rule.

Take Risks. Increase The Cashflow

Grant Cardone believes in widespread investment. He says it is less risky. After losing his single-family unit, he decided to invest in multi-family units. After realizing that this increased the cash flow, he kept going, buying more and more multi-family properties. He attained the millionaire status at the age of 30.

Since then, Cardone has built many businesses from scratch to multi-million corporations. He adds to his earnings by hosting one of the largest business conferences in the world. The annual 10X Growth Conference is a prominent business conference. It brings together the world’s most successful business gurus.

Cardone Capital

Cardone Capital is Grant’s real estate company, one of the leading firms in the United States. The firm holds a real estate portfolio of over 4,500 properties. Cardone chooses to acquire his properties through debt from banks. This enables him to keep all the profits.

The 10X Rule

One of his tricks to building multi-million net worth is the 10X Rule mindset. Simply put, the rule states that you should aim for ten times better results than anticipated initially. Even if your plan fails, it fails above the winning bar of your competitors.

For instance, if you set out to cold email ten prospects daily, you should send out at least 100 of them. If you get 10% responses, you will have 10 responses. The 10X Rule has two important facts. First, you have to set bigger goals than everyone else. Second, you must work ten times harder than everyone else in order to meet those goals.

Grant Cardone’s Assets

Grant Cardone has several personal properties, including a Malibu home he bought for $40 million in 2022. The 9,500-square-foot property is in the Carbon Beach neighborhood. Grant’s immediate neighbors include Larry Ellison and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

The real estate mogul previously owned a home in Los Angeles. He sold the house to music legend Lionel Richie. In 2021, he purchased a $28 million mansion in Florida, initially belonging to Tommy Hilfiger.

Grant Cardone’s Advice To Become Successful

Be Likable

According to Grant Cardone, being a likable person is not a talent. It is a skill that you acquire by learning how to listen to people. Grant pays attention to people, including his employees. He says that people do not want to be heard only. They want to be listened to.

Become an Expert in your Industry.

People do not buy from strangers; they love to buy from experts. To generate sales, especially when selling online, you must become a commander in your industry.

Become an Expert in Negotiation.

One of Grant Cardone’s secrets to massive success is master negotiating skills. One way to become a master negotiator is by researching before negotiating any deal. You have to know what your client wants and what your product offers.

Overcome challenges

Grant Cardone is the perfect example of a person with a rough beginning. He lost his father when he was ten and struggled with drugs. But he fought through and defeated these challenges. He is now one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Learn To Sell

If there is only one skill you could learn and succeed, it is how to sell. According to Cardone, this is the most important skill, irrespective of your industry. Learning how to sell has many benefits. It helps you increase your wealth and network.

Grant Cardone on Social Media

Grant Cardone is quite active on social media. He commands a huge following of 4.3 million followers on Instagram, 6.8 million on Facebook, and 2.39 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He also boasts a following of 1 million people on Twitter. With these numbers, Cardone could easily earn approximately $140,000 per sponsored post.


How Much Did Grant Cardone Pay for His Jet?

Grant’s first private jet was a pre-owned Gulfstream G200, which he bought for $8 million. He later upgraded to a factory-new jet, a Gulfstream G550. In 2020, Grant sold the G550 and replaced it with a bigger Gulfstream G650ER, for which he paid $60 million.

What Is the Minimum to Invest in Cardone?

Cardone has simple rules one must meet before investing in Cardone Capital. The first one is that you must be 18 years or older. The second one requires you to put down a deposit of at least $5,000.


Undoubtedly, Grant Cardone has one of the most inspiring stories of success. He is among the most successful people in the U.S. A self-made millionaire, he rose to greatness against all odds. Losing his father at ten, becoming a drug addict, and building a $600 million net worth, his success story can inspire anyone to rise.

He started in the auto industry and went on to build a real estate empire worth over $4 billion. He has added a lot of money to his net worth, teaching people how to make money.

The real estate mogul is quite active on social media, boasting over 14 million followers across four social media platforms. He and his wife produce The G & E Show, a web series. He is the host of Grant Cardone TV. The on-demand business TV network shows business programs such as Undercover Billionaire.