A Surprise Pokemon Go Follow-up Hits The App Stores

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Pokemon Go players have been waiting eagerly for a long-rumored update that could ultimately add the ability to go head to head with other Pokemon trainers. The gaming firm is now finally enabling players to fight with other Pokemon fanatics via Android devices and the iPhone, but it has nothing to do with Pokemon Go.

A strategy battle game

The Pokemon Company just released an all-new Pokemon game called Pokemon Duel. The game is free to play. The characters in Pokemon Duel are just small Amiibo-like figures, says BGR, unlike Pokemon Go, in which the app does its best to pretend that Pokemon are real creatures.

Pokemon Duel, which is already available on iOS and Android, is also expected to be launched on Nintendo’s Switch console, which will be released in March. With this game, you may not be able to catch a Pokemon outside your home, but fans of strategy games or Pokemon are sure to get excited about this game.

The Pokemon Company created this game, as opposed to Niantic, which created Pokemon Go.

The gaming company said, “This is a mobile strategy game where players deploy digital Pokémon figures, making strategic moves and setting figures against each other in battle as they try to reach the goal in their opponent’s territory.”

Will it win Pokemon Go fans?

Players collect their figures like a card deck and then compete against other players in a strategy-heavy board game in which the small toys fight each other using their signature moves. According to BGR, each team has about six Pokemon and built-in artificial intelligence tech that will try to give you the best chance at winning by selecting the right moves.

As one might imagine with the game being free to play, there are some special buffs and items that one can gain through an in-game economy system that depends on gems for purchases. These boosts are timed, and after activation, they last for different lengths of time, so when players use one, they are motivated to play as much as possible until the boost ends.

The game appears like a strong little deck-building game, and the board game strategy element assists in separating it from the rest of the collectible card game genre. However, according to BGR, it is not much of a consolation prize for Pokemon Go fans, who still believe that actual Pokemon battles are coming soon in the game.

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