‘Very Big’ Pokémon Go Update Coming ‘Very Soon’

‘Very Big’ Pokémon Go Update Coming ‘Very Soon’
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Pokémon Go fans have found a long list of features in the game’s most recent build. Niantic has data-mined things like Shiny Pokémon, Evolutionary Stones and Pocket Monster FORMS variations into the recent build. However, fans are left with just one question: when will the first of these new features drop?

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Pokémon Go update not far off

According to experts at Trainer Tips, the Pokémon Go update might take place much sooner than we believe.

In a recent video, Trainer Tips explained, “Users on both Android and iOS are being forced to update to the latest versions. When Niantic forces users to update, it’s because they’re about to roll something out that requires you to have code and assets that are in the most recent update files. So that means something very big, is coming very soon.”

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A new news function has been spotted in the latest Pokémon Go version as well. This feature looks to provide players up-to-date information, patch notes on any updates and news about events, says Express. The said feature will take the form of a top-level button on the in-game menu, according to The Sylph Road.

Express also said that a “News” section is long overdue.

“A ‘News’ section for the game is appearing in the code and appears to bring updates about the game (events, etc) in a more official, referenceable format: an official news digest!”

Is spring the right time for update?

Pokémon Go will get a host of new creatures, and the rumor mill is already making guesses about what they will be. The updates could be anything like Shiny Pokémon, Gen 2 Pokémon or even Pokémon genders. What will be included in the next update announcement cannot be known with certainty for now, but more Gen 2 Pokémon seems like a good bet.

However, there is no word on the exact release date of the update as yet, but Dave Their of Forbes believes the first day of spring, March 21, would be the best time for Niantic Labs to unveil its first major expansion.

Backing his claims, he notes that the transition seasons encompass more regions than most. Another reason which makes it the right time is that it isn’t too hot in territories that are likely to be heading towards hot seasons as northern regions are bidding adieu to winter.

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